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发布日期 19 April 2019[1]
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The v0.87.0 update introduced 4 new limited edition cosmetics related to the new Super Easter event as well as second way to earn the base bunny. A new egg hunting system was put into place from 19 April 2019 to 26 April 2019 which allowed players to collect (eat) colored eggs hidden around the world. The ability to trade up items was also introduced in this update allowing players to trade five items of the same rarity level for one item of the next highest rarity. A player is also able to trade 传说 items at a 3:1 ratio for a different legendary item.

Features[ | ]

  • Item Trade-Up
    • 5 普通 for 1 random 罕见
    • 5 罕见 for 1 random 稀有
    • 5 稀有 for 1 random 史诗
    • 5 史诗 for 1 random 传说
    • 3 传说 for 1 random 传说
  • New Super Easter Egg Hunt Rewards:

N.B. Super Bunny is pre-existing, but the egg hunt reward gives the player another way to unlock it without DNA or Super Serum.

Changes[ | ]

  • Reduced game size by 200MB.
  • Added Larkson glasses to the regular item drops.
  • Weapon recoil while moving now applies on a per-weapon basis: smaller weapons such as pistols and SMG have less, and larger weapons like the AK, M16, and Sniper have more recoil while moving.
  • All special items (from events, milestones, etc) have a new orange tier of 特殊 and cannot be traded up.
  • Customize screen now shows what type of event, milestone, or other category an item is from.
  • Coconuts can now be eaten while at full health. Because of this, daily challenges and milestones for coconuts have been adjusted.
  • Hiding the interface in-game will now also hide health bars, interaction text, and ammo/pickup text.
  • Added "OK TO ALL" button on the end game item rewards.
  • Customize icons decreased in size so 6 columns can be shown.
  • Corgi icons updated.
  • Bots now roll during regular movement.
  • Slightly lowered maximum pursuit distance for bots.
  • When you egg hunt as a squad, every squad member's egg finds will contribute to the team.

Fixes[ | ]

  • Fix for Super Robin art bug in-game.
  • When browsing cosmetics on Customize, your animal's animation no longer resets each time.
  • Fixed issue where furniture/crates under roofs would always block grenades.
  • Fix for using Super DNA Magnets on animals that are higher level than you, if you had their DNA.
  • Fix for bots switching weapons too fast.
  • Translation fixes.
  • If stuck with 'IN A MATCH' on the menu, pressing the READY button should reset out of that now.
  • Rare bug with being stuck in reviving should be fixed.
  • Fix for bots not being affected by bananas.
  • Expanded grenade explosion visual effect slightly.

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