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发布日期 8 March 2019[1]
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The v0.86.1 update introduced 4 new animal breeds, 45 new cosmetic items, small map changes, "automatic" picking up of throwables, some minor map changes, and reduced the DNA and serum costs for some of the animal breeds. This update also kicks off the 3rd Squads test weekend.

Features[ | ]

  • Added Super Fox breed:
  • Added Super Monkey breed:
  • Added Super Panda breed:
  • Added Super Raccoon breed:
  • Added apparel items:
    • Outfits:
      • Robes: White, Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue Plaid, Green Striped.
      • Just Pants: Just Khaki Pants, Just Jeans, Just Sweatpants (Gray).
    • Hats:
      • Black Mohawk.
    • Facial Hair:
      • 14 mustaches (2 fully new mustaches + color variants).
      • 9 beards (1 new beard + color variants).
    • Eye Accessories
      • New colors: Aviator Sunglasses (Brown and Green), Round Glasses (Light Blue), Sunglasses (Green, Orange, and Yellow), Secretary Glasses (Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow).

Changes[ | ]

  • Map extended in the northeast and east, as well as many smaller changes across the entire island.
  • Added another end-game circle for the Super Skunk Gas (to minimize chugging contests).
  • Grenades/bananas now auto-pickup if you already have one, or have none. To switch between bananas and grenades you’ll still need to hit E.
  • Super Tape drop rate increased slightly, both naturally and from crates.
  • Reduced the DNA and Serum cost slightly of several lower-level animals

Fixes[ | ]

  • Fix for bananas disappearing when thrown against trees.
  • Fix for some animals having incorrect Medic Helmet graphic.
  • Some minor performance improvements.

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