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Spawn ratio 1
Maximum Carried 4 (6 with Attach-bandolier Super Bandolier)

Zip-and-Go is a throwable allowing players to create zip-lines that can be used by players as a fast, but dangerous form of transport by players.

Details[ | ]

The Zip-and-Go creates zip-lines that can be boarded and used by players standing near one of the ends using EPC PS4 SquarePS XboxOne XXbox/Switch Switch YJoy-Con. While riding a zip-line, players are unable to use their weapons. They also cannot be run over with a Icon Hamster Ball Hamster Ball. While Attach-ninjashoes Ninja Booties are equipped, the player has a 15% faster movement speed on the zip lines.

Once the player has reach the other end of the Zip-and-Go poles, they will be automatically dropped off from the ziplines. However, Players are able to prematurely drop off from the zip-lines by pressing the use keys again (EPC PS4 SquarePS XboxOne XXbox/Switch Switch YJoy-Con ) as long as they're performing it on a walkable ground. This can be useful to feign a zip-line ride, or avoid traps laid by the opponents on the other end of the zip-and-go line poles.

Zip lines can be linked together in order to extend their length. Once connected, the player can use directional keys WASDPC PS4 Left StickPS XboxOne Left StickXbox/Switch Switch Left StickJoy-Con to continue zipping between poles without dropping off.

If a player dies while riding a zip line, they will appear in a dead state until they reach the end of the zip line, likely to prevent random gravestones being moved along the zip line. (This is likely one of the only times where a Super Animal's dead body is shown).

There are several natural zip-lines in the world, including some at Super Sea Land, and one west of Superite Mountain which crosses the large river. These work similarly to player-placed zip-lines, but can go off-screen, leading to them being dangerous to use because of the inability to see the other side - traps can be placed such as a Cat Mine Lucky Cat Mine to catch unwary travellers.

The limit amount of Zip-and-Go that can be placed on the ground simultaneously by each animals is equal to the player's max carry of 4, and can be increased to 6 when equipped with Attach-bandolier Super Bandolier. Attempting to place any more zip-lines the limit amount will result in the oldest placed zip-lines to be automatically removed.

Obtaining[ | ]

  • Floor loot includes bunches of two ZiplineUI Zip-and-Go.

Players can hold up to 4 Zip-and-Go, or 6 with the Attach-bandolier Super Bandolier, and cannot carry them alongside a different type of throwable.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Zip-and-Go works using a small drone.[1]

Patch History[ | ]


  • ZiplineUI Zip-and-Go now spawn in the world as packs of two rather than individually.
  • Deployment animation has been lowered from 0.50s to 0.39s.
  • Drone speed is 30% faster.
  • Increased minimum exit time after riding.


  • Added to the game.

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