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Year of the Super Rat
Year of the Super Rat Event
Event information
Start date 23 January 2020(v0.92.0)
End date 16 February 2020
Lunar New Year Events
Event chronology
Event history
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Super Duos Day 2020
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St. Pawtrick's Day 2020

Year of the Super Rat was a special Lunar New Year event lasting from January 24th to February 17th, 2020 (players had until February 20th to spend the Currency cheese coin Cheese Coins collected).

The event also gave players a chance to collect the Year of the Super Pig event items via a special drop table (players may only collect one of each of the previous years items). 5 new Super Rat breeds were introduced during this event: Super Radioactive Rat, Super Lunar Rat, Super Field Mouse, Super Golden Mouse and Super Toy Mouse.

Event Shop[ | ]

New Items[ | ]

Event Drops[ | ]

These items had a small chance to drop upon completing a match, separate from the regular drops.

Legacy Items[ | ]

Items from Year of the Super Pig were brought back during this event.

Gallery[ | ]

Patch Notes[ | ]

See the full updates patch notes here.