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This page documents the version history of Super Animal Royale Xbox console releases for Xbox One and Xbox Series X&S. The version releases are produced entirely by Pixile Studios and Modus Games. Only the latest version is distributed via the Microsoft Store on Xbox. Players do not need a Xbox Live subscription in order to play Super Animal Royale, but those who do will be eligible for the current season's XBox Perks Pack.

Version history[ | ]

Version Release date Name Highlights and Notes
v1.9.2 12 December 2023[1] Dragon's Loot Update Super Dragon Super Dragons, Super CRISPRmas 2023 event
v1.9.1 26 September 2023[2] Party Animal Update CR1: Super Howloween 2023 event
v1.9 11 July 2023[3] Sea Legs Update Super Sea Land location, Grey Laser Gun Superite Laser weapon, ZiplineUI Zip-and-Go throwable, Super Fish Fishes & Super Dolphin Dolphins, Summer Royale 2023 event

CR1: Super Orca Orca breed
CR2: Super Shark Sharks

v1.8 28 March 2023[4] Super Healthy Update Photo Booth, Health Juice Factory location, Attach-super-juicer Super Juicer powerup, Super Lemur Lemurs, ReSpawning Day 2023 event
v1.7.1 10 January 2023[5] Year of the Super Bunny 2023 event, revert of netcode introduced in 1.7
v1.7 13 December 2022[6] Super Crocodile Crocodiles, Cat Mine Lucky Cat Mines, Super CRISPRmas 2022, new netcode, Pete's Swamp expansion, Super Milestones and Super Challenges updates
v1.6 27 September 2022[7] Murre Woods location, Dogna's Grey Dart Fly Dogna's Dartfly Gun weapon, Clothes bowtie green-resources.assets-691 Neckwear category, Super Peacock Peacocks
v1.5 28 June 2022[8] Giant Star-nosed Mole boss, Super Lizard Lizards

CR1: Summer Royale 2022 event
CR2: Char-Seagull Seagulls

v1.4.1 24 May 2022[9]
v1.4 5 April 2022[10] ModeIcon SAW vs Rebellion S.A.W. vs Rebellion overhaul, S.A.W. Security HQ location, Super Easter 2022 event
v1.3 25 January 2022[11] Gun egglauncher grey Big Clucking Gun weapon
v1.2 14 December 2021[12] Cross-play Parties, Beaver Construction HQ location, Super CRISPRmas 2021 event
v1.1 19 October 2021[13] ModeIcon Bwoking Dead The Bwoking Dead mode, Pixile Port location
v1.0 26 August 2021[14] v1.0 Has Arrived! Super Animal Pass Season 1, Char-Frog Frogs, Pet-wolf Mini Animal Pets
v0.98.0 29 June 2021[15] Soak up the Super Summer Royale event, starting now! Summer Royale 2021 event
v0.97.0 1 June 2021[16] Shorelines Update, New Animal Pass Season and Xbox Cross-play! New Super Turtles, Xbox Game Preview crossplay for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, new Beach Party Pass, new Super Milestone, Super Animal Accounts, major map changes.

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