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Weather may randomly change throughout the match. When a match starts, the game randomly selects a time between 1 and 30 minutes to start rain. A match might end before the rain starts, therefore it won't appear.

Weather states[ | ]

Currently, Super Animal Royale includes four weather states:

Sunny[ | ]

The most common weather state on the Super Animal World Island.

Raining[ | ]

Rain weather

Rain in the sahara biome.

The rain weather state can appear on all part of the island, except in the colder biomes. Rain drops will begin to fall and the map will appear slightly darker to simulate a cloudy sky.

Snowing[ | ]

Snow weather

Snowy weather in the Tundra biome.

The snowing weather state appears in Thomas's Tundra when it rains on the rest of the island.

Banan Rain[ | ]

Banana rain

An example of Banana Rain weather state

The rarest weather state.

ModeIcon Mystery In Bananarama, all rain is replaced with banan rain. During this type of weather, banans will occasionally fall onto the ground. Banana items that can be picked up will occasionally spawn across the map in random locations.

Notes[ | ]

The host of a private match can change the weather states using commands.

Gallery[ | ]

Videos showcasing the Rain and Snow weather state.