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Weapons are essential items used for combat against other Super Animals. Most weapons can also be used to damage destructibles, Emu idle 000 Giant Emus and Icon Hamster Ball Hamster Balls. Super Animal Royale includes three different weapon classes: Icon Guns Guns, Katana Melee weapon and Icon Throwables Throwables.

Super Animals start each game with one weapon, the Katana Melee Weapon – this weapon cannot be dropped and is always part of the Super Animal's inventory. Other weapons are found as floor loot or are obtained by opening UnopenedCrate Mole Crates and Crate Rebel Caches. Players can carry up to two Guns and one type of Throwable at a time.

Guns[ | ]

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Guns are ranged weapons that require Icon Ammo Ammunition to fire.


Gun jag7


Submachine Guns

Long-range Rifles
Assault Rifles
Gun-ak grey


Gun-m16 grey


Sparrow Weapons

Heavy Weapons

Melee weapon[ | ]

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Super Animal Royale includes numerous melee weapon skins, all of which share the same stats.

Throwables[ | ]

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Other[ | ]

In addition to conventional weapons mentioned above, other world elements can be used as weapons as well: Icon Hamster Ball Hamster Ball can roll animals over, and Emu idle 000 Giant Emu's pecking can deal damage to animals.

Damage[ | ]

Damage dealt to a Super Animal is measured in points, with each point of damage equivalent to one point of a Super Animal's health. When the Super Animal takes damage, their health points get reduced. However, Super Animal can block incoming damage from guns and melee attacks by equipping Icon Armor  Armor. It takes 100 damage to kill or down an unarmored Super Animal at full heath.

Some weapons, such as guns and Grenade-new Grenades, deal reduced damage based on distance. Damage from bullet-firing guns is reduced based on bullet travel distance, and damage from grenades is reduced based on distance from center of the explosion. The highest damage any weapon can deal at once is the Gun jag7 JAG-7, dealing 189 damage at point-blank-range to an unarmored animal; if the animal is armored, the highest damaging weapon is the grenade, which deals 150 damage in the center and ignores armor.