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Release date 12 March 2024[1]
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Version 1.9.3 was a minor update released on 12th March 2024 coinciding with the ReSpawning Day 2024 event.

Bug Fixes[ | ]

  • Added /hidenames command to genericize other player names in matches (particularly useful for streamers).
  • Private match hosts can now use /admin # command to set a player as a helper admin (use shift+~ to see a list of players to get their number). These helpers can use all of the same commands as the host, aside from kicking the primary admin. The command can also be repeated on the same person again to revoke their privileges.
  • Fixed SFX volume being at 100% on first install, despite showing 50% on the settings screen.
  • Fixed a bug where high ping player could pick up two downed teammates at once with fast clicking.
  • Fixed Firecrackers melee missing animation sometimes.
  • Edited tap dance draw order to fix blush moving on top of glasses.
  • Fixed kestrel's (and others) eyes in aerobics emote.
  • Fixed some cosmetic positions on the Super Blackbird.
  • Fixed Ninja Booties draw order during zipline.
  • Added missing foot splashes on water to some emotes.
  • Added some follow-through animation to raccoon's mask and dragon wings in some emotes.

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