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Dragon's Loot Update
Release date 12 December 2023[1]
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Version 1.9.2, titled The Dragon's Loot Update, was released on Tuesday, December 13, 2023. The update was officially available for download across all platforms at 1:00 P.M Eastern Time. Cosmetics in this update were themed after fantasy elements coinciding with the release of Super Dragon Super Dragons.

This was one of the smaller updates released as Pixile Studios was working on a larger update scheduled for Q2 2024.

Features[ | ]

Super Dragon

Super Dragon
DNA Dragon210 Super serum 55

Super Orange Dragon

Super Orange Dragon
DNA Dragon310 Super serum 82

Super Ice Wyvern

Super Ice Wyvern
DNA Dragon510 Super serum 140

Super Golden Dragon

Super Golden Dragon
DNA Dragon600 Super serum 168

Changes[ | ]

ModeIcon SAW vs Rebellion S.A.W. vs Rebellion[ | ]

  • Reduced collisions behind the Giant Mole boss.
  • Added a private match command for /saw # and /rebel # to force a player to be on a specific SvR team.

ModeIcon Bwoking Dead The Bwoking Dead[ | ]

All Game Modes[ | ]

  • Several hamster balls and Giant Emus are now available to use in the pre-game lobby!
  • Banana Forker healing has been reduced from 25 to 20 HP.
  • Additionally, the Banana Forker no longer increases range and healing from event currency items like candy canes.
  • Slightly increased banana drop rate from slicing grass.
  • You can eat mushrooms, coconuts, and health fruit while downed. No hands required!
  • Added priority back for the "Ride Emu" interaction, which should make dismounting to gather ammo easier, similar to before. Note that SvR flags, mole crates, Giant Mole boss crates, and downed teammates will not be overridden by a nearby emu (also similar to before).
  • While riding a zipline, input for chain-riding versus exiting should be more accurate now, as previously it was very generous on detecting inputs to continue the ride.
  • The Super Sea Land gift shop now has animated screens.
  • You can now see other player characters picking up coconuts, mushrooms, and health fruit (previously, only your own character performed the animation).
  • Cleaned up a few muzzle flashes so the last animation frame isn’t as easily mistaken as a bullet.
  • Improved player name tag position lag at low FPS.

General Changes[ | ]

  • Cosmetic & item icons now load from hard drive dynamically instead of on game launch. Considering how much SAR has grown over the years, this change will help improve load time and save hundreds of megabytes worth of memory usage.
  • When viewing cosmetic items, users may now briefly see hamster ball load spinners depending on hard drive speed.
  • Adding an animal in the Photo booth now refreshes from Customize each time, in case there were changes made to the preset.

Fixes[ | ]

ModeIcon SAW vs Rebellion S.A.W. vs Rebellion[ | ]

ModeIcon Bwoking Dead The Bwoking Dead[ | ]

  • Players spawning far in the skunk gas in the Bwoking Dead should be fixed now.
  • Fixed event loot items fading out if on screen while becoming a Zombie Joe.

All Game Modes[ | ]

  • Fixed a shadow sometimes appearing for broken hamster balls.
  • Fixed a bug where breaking different types of destructible objects would only play the sound of one type.
  • Fixed duplicated sounds when eating multiple things on an emu.
  • The emoting while parachuting bug should be fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where swapping to a weapon just after dropping it (while at higher ping) would leave the character stuck on the dropped weapon.
  • Fixed vertical flicker issue with controllers and petting mini animals.
  • Fixed bots not being able to go into secret rooms.
  • Fixed some hit-reg issues when in high ping mode and shooting at walls.
  • Several minor soft crashes should be fixed now.
  • Fixed a spot at Lab to Table where emus would get stuck.
  • Fixed a collision spot in Pete's Swamp between thorns and a stump.
  • Fixed shadows on Le Waddle wall.
  • Fixed Security HQ table having zip-lines go under it.
  • Adjusted conveyors so bananas don't spin in circles on the corners.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Show Pet" toggle in the Photo Booth wouldn't work if you had updated your preset with a pet later.
  • Fixed the game modes screen being bugged on first launch for new players in certain regions.
  • Fixed two bugs with Death standard icon red-resources.assets-4237 Death Explosions in the shop: changing tabs while mousing over an explosion would position it in the wrong spot, and controller users changing shop tabs would leave the explosion running overtop of the character.

References[ | ]