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Year of the Super Bunny 2023
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Release date 10 January 2023[1]
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Version 1.7.1 was released on January 10, 2023. It reverted netcode to one from before v1.7 due to issues that came up with new netcode. It also brought a couple of minor changes as well as started Year of the Super Bunny 2023 event.

Features[ | ]

  • Year of the Super Bunny 2023 event begins with 8 new cosmetics and 18 returning legacy items.
  • 7 new SAW Shop items.

Changes[ | ]

  • The milestone details screen UI design has been updated to match the newer style from new Challenges screen introduced in 1.7.
  • Vertical size of Recent Players interface has been extended, scroll added and report options are now more visible for console players.
  • Skeleton Bow & Sparrow has been renamed to Bone & Sparrow.

Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed emote wheel and quick chat not disappearing when alt-tabbing.
  • Projectile range for weapons has been fixed to reflect actual effective weapon range.
  • Fixed controller players being able to skip reward popup on unlocking breeds in Research Lab.
  • Fixed the Research Lab occasionally still showing "Create" after unlocking an animal.
  • Changed time at which weapon skin sounds load – instead of loading on game start, they now load during a match to decrease load time on start of the game.

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