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Release date 7 October 2022[1]
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Version 1.6.1 was released on October 7th, 2022 and available until October 10th, 2022. It is a Public Test Realm version for public testing of the new Super Animal Royale netcode. Players were able to provide feedback to the developers on the official Discord server.

Changes[ | ]

  • Parachute diving is now clientside predicted and immediate.
  • Other parachuting players no longer rubber-band at edges of the screen while you are in the eagle.
  • Emoting is predicted and immediate.
  • The bug where people appear to stutter in the lobby or have the sit emote canceled is fixed.
  • Banana slipping is clientside predicted (so no sliding backwards into the banana).
  • No more sliding through wall issues when viewing laggy players.
  • Emus and unoccupied hamster balls will no longer have player collisions.
  • Exiting hamster balls is clientside predicted. May include entering as well in a future update.
  • Hit registration will be more reliable and have less occurrences of shots rejected by the server.
  • Healing and taping are both clientside predicted (not waiting on server to start).
  • Double taping sound from other players is fixed.
  • Healing is smooth rather than on 0.5s intervals.
  • Rare bug where players could get stuck drinking health juice is fixed.
  • Bots can now move while healing.
  • Bots will not roll while trying to reload (they were canceling reloads too often).
  • Fixed rare desync of eagle flight if you had a period of game lag.
  • Fixed the bug where you would see people shoot while holding a melee weapon.
  • Player movement state (standing, walking) is predicted properly as shown below:

Netcode Movement Prediction Comparison

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