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Release date 25 January 2022[1]
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Version 1.3 is the eggplosive new update from Pixile Studios and Modus Games which starts the Year of the Super Tiger event, introduces the new Gun egglauncher grey Big Clucking Gun weapon, new S.A.W. Shop items, 4 new Mini Animal Pets, various island changes and various other changes and fixes.

Features[ | ]


Super Lunar Tiger
DNA Tiger120 Super serum 35


Super Golden Tiger
DNA Tiger140 Super serum 40


Super Toy Tiger
DNA Tiger220 Super serum 62


Super Bengal Tiger
DNA Tiger220 Super serum 62

  • 4 new Mini Animal Pets: Mini Deer, Mini Raccoon, Mini Skunk and Mini Sheep.
  • Various new S.A.W. Shop items and one new S.A.W. Shop bundle.
  • Various island improvements.
  • Various controller improvements.

Changes[ | ]

  • Beaver Construction HQ updates/changes.
  • S.A.W. Bamboo Resort updated to include the changes the Lunar New Year brings.
  • Icon Hamster Ball Hamster Ball changes:
    • Hamster balls now take a bit longer to reach the point where they’ll get a 1-hit kill.
    • Once a player has been rolling at max speed for at least one second, speed lines will appear and a sound will play indicating that you’ve now entered full damage mode where a hit will score 101 damage and kill your opponent upon impact.
    • Before the speed lines appear, hamster balls will only do up to 80 damage (still influenced by acceleration for precisely how much damage you do).
    • Added a rare easter egg animation where a player's animal can trip while in the ball. Does not affect gameplay, is merely for fun.
  • The mode selector now displays an ! if a new limited-time game mode is available to play.
  • Added a “Manage Party” UI for party hosts that groups all party-related options together including viewing/copying the invite code for cross-play parties, kicking players, and leaving the party.
  • Updated all buttons throughout the menus to use the new teal style.
  • Increased clarity around Super Edition requirements in the Super Milestones tab, with a helper label that better explains which milestones requires the Super Edition DLC.

Weapon Changes[ | ]

  • Ammo bow Sparrows, Ammo dart Darts, and Eggs ammunition have been combined into a single new Ammo specialtyUI Specialty Ammo that is used for Gun egglauncher grey Big Clucking Gun and all weapons previously using Sparrows or Darts.
  • Attach-bandolier Super Bandolier boosts max carrying capacity for the new Ammo specialtyUI Specialty Ammo from 35 to 50 (previously Sparrows and Darts were boosted from 35 to 45).
  • Gun crossbow default Sparrow Launcher clip size increased to 5.
  • Gun dart grey-resources.assets-5316 Dogna's Dart Gun will now auto-fire darts if a player holds down the shoot button.
  • A visual dart now appears stuck into the animal when they’ve been hit and are being actively poisoned by Gun dart grey-resources.assets-5316 Dogna's Dart Gun.
  • Grenade-new Grenades and Gun egglauncher grey BCG egg impacts now play the “hit” sound effect if a player hits themselves with them.
  • Grenade-new Grenades, BananaUI Bananas, Skunk bombUI Skunk Bombs and Gun egglauncher grey BCG eggs now make bounce sounds when bouncing off of walls.
  • BananaUI Bananas, Skunk bombUI Skunk Bombs and Gun egglauncher grey BCG yolks will now have their positions checked and corrected by the server upon landing.
  • Gun-minigun grey Minigun (and the new Gun egglauncher grey BCG) aiming should now more closely and consistently match the cursor’s aim (added a new aiming bone on the character skeleton for guns held in the low position).
  • Added a small release buffer at the start of a jump roll for charged weapons such as the Gun bow default Bow & Sparrow and Gun egglauncher grey BCG.

Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed a bug where one account could join the same cross-play party from two devices/platforms.
  • Fixed the animal pass preview box’s second pass from showing template blue hat while loading.
  • Event screen’s character should no longer glitch out on the first frame.
  • Fixed various controller menu related bugs.
  • Fixed an audio glitch caused by changing volume while emoting on the main menu.
  • Dropping the Attach-enchancedjuice Cupgrade while drinking with it equipped will now stop your healing (fixes audio bug).
  • Fixed visual bug with bots reloading and appearing to have negative ammo.
  • Map can no longer be opened while the Settings screen is open.
  • Fixed a case where players could get stuck in the grenade throw animation: it will now auto-cancel after 2s if the grenade has not already been thrown.
  • End-game rewards now force close player inventory if it was open.
  • Fixed Katana Melee Weapon hit sounds on shooting gallery targets being played for all nearby players in the lobby.
  • Fixed Gun-minigun grey Minigun retaining charge when opening the Settings screen while shooting.
  • ModeIcon Bwoking Dead Client-side Skunk Bomb capacity issue should be fixed.

Gallery[ | ]

Cover Art Update "Year of the Super Tiger"

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