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Release date 14 December 2021[1]
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Version 1.2 began the Super CRISPRmas 2021 event. This update added the Super Beavers, 2 new winter themed animals, Super Animal Pass Season 2, 8 new event items for the Super CRISPRmas 2021 event, several new S.A.W. Shop winter themed items, the new Beaver Construction HQ location and much more!



ModeIcon Bwoking Dead.png The Bwoking Dead[]

  • Skunk Bombs now have a 40% reduced spawn rate.
  • The maximum carrying capacity for Skunk Bombs has been reduced to 3 (or max 4 with the Attach-bandolier.png Super Bandolier).

All Game Modes[]

  • Ammo pickups no longer glow like other Pickups, to reduce visual clutter.
  • Improved collisions in the bamboo forest so they're smoother and have fewer jagged edge for players to get caught on.
  • Attach-bandolier.png Super Bandolier carrying capacity has been increased:
  • Dual Pistols.png Dual Pistols fixed recoil has been increased from 1/2/3° to 1.5/2.5/4.0°, and random recoil increased from 4° to 4.4°.
  • Increased Icon Hamster Ball.png Hamster Ball's audible distance from 160 SAU to 185 SAU.
  • UnopenedCrate.png Mole Crate icon now displays for 45s, and the minimap icon no longer disappears when someone opens it.


ModeIcon Bwoking Dead.png The Bwoking Dead[]

  • Fixed a bug where the Emote Wheel could get stuck on-screen when boarding the escape eagle.
  • Fixed a bug where throwing a Grenade-new.png Grenade while dying would leave the player unable to melee attack as a Zombie Joe.

All Game Modes[]

  • Fixed a bug where loot would sometimes go behind a wall in Pixile Port.
  • Fixed a bug where the Gun bow default.png Bow & Sparrow's pull-back sound was not matching the animation of 0.5s.
  • Fixed health bars not displaying while spectating the player who killed you.
  • Fixed a bug where binding a key would only check one conflict.
  • Fixed a bug where logging out or unlinking an Super Animal Account wouldn't refresh the Super Animal Pass archive pass screen once logged back in.
  • Fixed various controller navigation issues on the main menu and throughout Downloadable Content menus.
  • Fixed various outfit assets.
  • Added translations for errors with coupon code redemption.
  • Various translation fixes.


Cover Art Update "Super CRISPRmas 2021"


Steam Update Log 1.2
Console Update Log 1.2