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Release date 14 December 2021[1]
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Version 1.2 began the Super CRISPRmas 2021 event. This update added the Super Beavers, 2 new winter themed animals, Super Animal Pass Season 2, 8 new event items for the Super CRISPRmas 2021 event, several new S.A.W. Shop winter themed items, the new Beaver Construction HQ location and much more!

Features[ | ]

Changes[ | ]

ModeIcon Bwoking Dead The Bwoking Dead[ | ]

  • Skunk Bombs now have a 40% reduced spawn rate.
  • The maximum carrying capacity for Skunk Bombs has been reduced to 3 (or max 4 with the Attach-bandolier Super Bandolier).

All Game Modes[ | ]

  • Ammo pickups no longer glow like other Pickups, to reduce visual clutter.
  • Improved collisions in the bamboo forest so they're smoother and have fewer jagged edge for players to get caught on.
  • Attach-bandolier Super Bandolier carrying capacity has been increased:
  • Dual Pistols Dual Pistols fixed recoil has been increased from 1/2/3° to 1.5/2.5/4.0°, and random recoil increased from 4° to 4.4°.
  • Increased Icon Hamster Ball Hamster Ball's audible distance from 160 SAU to 185 SAU.
  • UnopenedCrate Mole Crate icon now displays for 45s, and the minimap icon no longer disappears when someone opens it.

Fixes[ | ]

ModeIcon Bwoking Dead The Bwoking Dead[ | ]

  • Fixed a bug where the Emote Wheel could get stuck on-screen when boarding the escape eagle.
  • Fixed a bug where throwing a Grenade-new Grenade while dying would leave the player unable to melee attack as a Zombie Joe.

All Game Modes[ | ]

  • Fixed a bug where loot would sometimes go behind a wall in Pixile Port.
  • Fixed a bug where the Gun bow default Bow & Sparrow's pull-back sound was not matching the animation of 0.5s.
  • Fixed health bars not displaying while spectating the player who killed you.
  • Fixed a bug where binding a key would only check one conflict.
  • Fixed a bug where logging out or unlinking an Super Animal Account wouldn't refresh the Super Animal Pass archive pass screen once logged back in.
  • Fixed various controller navigation issues on the main menu and throughout Downloadable Content menus.
  • Fixed various outfit assets.
  • Added translations for errors with coupon code redemption.
  • Various translation fixes.

Gallery[ | ]

Cover Art Update "Super CRISPRmas 2021"

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