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Release date 27 August 2021
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Version 1.0 began the Season 1 Animal Pass. This update added a new Super Animal, Frog. Following this update, Mystery mode was reactivated until the 13th of September.



  • Controller Support has been improved.
  • Guns now play an added "low ammo" sound when shooting while near the end of their clip.


  • Hamsterballs no longer deal 99 damage while steering slightly in full power.
  • Some areas of the maps that were see-thru and shootable-thru that weren't meant to were fixed.
  • Teammate map markers now have an audio spam buffer set to 2s rather than 0.8s, and the in-world paw marker now has an anti-spam buffer too, set at 2.6s.
  • Skunk Gas has been updated to use a shader rather than particles, which improves performance for low end graphics cards and provides better clarity while in the gas.
  • Grenades, Skunk Bombs, Bananas, and Super Tape now visually show 2-packs when dropped. (Used to show 1 when 2, and 3 when 3 or more)


Version 1 banner.jpg


Steam Update Log 1.0

Consoles Update Log 1.0