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Version 0.97.0 is a major update for Super Animal Royale featuring: Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S crossplay on Xbox Game Preview, new Super Animal Pass Season 0.5, 1 new Super Milestone, new Super Turtles, and a new map update featuring newly designed shorelines in Super Animal World!

Features[ | ]

  • Xbox Game preview; Super Animal Royale is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X| S with cross-play matchmaking support for Steam and Xbox players to play together! Nintendo Switch, Stadia, and PlayStation version will launch alongside version 1.0 later this year.
  • New Super Animal Pass Season 0.5 Beach Party Pass featuring 28 new cosmetics for players to acquire! This pass costs Currency S.A.W. Ticket 550 and has 49 tiers of rewards.
  • New animal breed, Super Turtle with 5 unique breeds to choose from; Super Turtle, Super Aqua Turtle, Super Loggerhead Turtle, Super Slider Turtle and Super Tortoise.
  • Major map expansion with new features and gameplay mechanics;
    • Map size has increased from 4248x4248 to 4608x4608 (+17.6% total area) with a combination of increased island size and added deep water.
    • Shorelines have been rebuilt and expanded out, with shallow water that you can wade into (at the cost of speed) before hitting the deep ocean.
    • New region-specific structures have been added along the updated beaches including huts, bungalows, and a lifeguard station.
    • Biggest changes made in the south, west, and east parts of the island with the expansion of the shorelines. Some changes in the north part of the island with the inclusion of crossable bridges by the snow cliffs.
    • The river mouth outside of Superite Mountain is now surrounded by cliffs and has two crossable bridges.
    • Interior inlets/rivers have also been updated, in addition to some areas near to shorelines.
    • Giant Eagle flight speed has been increased along with the map size change.
    • The first few gas circles have been tweaked to match the new map size.
  • New Shoreline mechanics;
    • Shallow water slows movement by 31%, unless in a Icon Hamster Ball Hamster Ball or riding a Emu idle 000 Giant Emu, in which case it only slows by 11%.
    • Crab-red Crabs have joined the beach party and can be found along portions of the new shorelines.
    • Players can find Clam closed Giant Giant Clams in shallow water that provide Icon Ammo Ammunition, Duct-Tape Super Tape, Grenade-new Grenades or Skunk bombUI Skunk Bombs.
    • Creep-walking on shallow water will still make splash sounds, so you won't be as sneaky as on land if you're making a water-based approach.
  • Super Animal Accounts for cross-save support across all platforms.
  • New episode of Super Animal Royale Tonight.

Changes[ | ]

  • Emotes that support movement are now limited to 20.0 movement speed, and weapon speed no longer affects them.
  • The second to last gas circle's warning timer has been adjusted from 15s to 18s to provide a bit more breathing room for intense final fights.

Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed some environmental z-order issues near the top of the map.
  • It's no longer possible to use creep-zoom while emoting, healing, or taping (you can only use it while your sniper-class gun is actively equipped).
  • Translation fixes.

Gallery[ | ]

Cover Art Update "Shorelines Update'

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