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Super Easter 2021
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Release date 31 March 2021[1]
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Version 0.96.9 started a Super Easter 2021 event adding a few related new event related cosmetics. Introduction of Mystery Mode, 3 new super animals, new cosmetics, and the introduction of S.A.W. Shop bundles.

Features[ | ]

  • Return of past Super Easter event items, and the inclusion of 8 new Easter event cosmetics:
Melee chocolate bunny

Chocolate Bunny
Currency easter egg 1337

Hat bunnyears blue

Blue Bunny Ears
Currency easter egg 1337

Clothes easter vest

Easter Vest
Currency easter egg 900

Clothes flower dress

Flower Dress
Currency easter egg 900

  • New limited time ModeIcon Mystery Mystery Mode available until April 25th, 2021. It is a squads game mode with 7 random variants. These variants include:
    • Bananarama - Gun bullets are bananas, bananas spawn more frequently, grenades/skunk bombs are banished, and every time it rains it'll be banan rain.
    • Wild West - Player's super animal wears a cowboy hat and weapons are limited to magnums, hunting rifles, and bananas. Specific to this mode, magnums and hunting rifles are available in every different rarity tier including epic and legendary!
    • Shotguns & Snipers - Only shotguns and snipers will spawn, but they can be found in every rarity tier in this mode.
    • Super Slow Bullets - All weapons shoot with 50% bullet speed.
    • Super Fast Bullets - All weapons shoot with 200% bullet speed.
    • Handguns Only - Only pistols, dual pistols, silenced pistols, magnums, and deagles will spawn.
    • One Hit Kill - Every weapon kills in a single shot. Armor, grenades, and skunk bombs are disabled and skunk gas speed and warning times are 20% faster.
  • A new set of milestones has been added for munching Mushroom Mushrooms. The new item rewards for completing them are: Mushroom Shirt, Mushroom Umbrella, and a Mushroom Cap.
  • New S.A.W. Shop Spring Bundle, and the introduction of S.A.W. shop bundles for a limited time.

Changes[ | ]

  • Gun dart grey-resources.assets-5316 Dogna's Dart Gun clip size increased from 5 to 6, and maximum ammo increased from 30 to 35. This change helps give a bit more breathing room for missing a few shots.
  • The current game mode is now displayed in-game below the minimap in the lobby and in the paws menu during a match.
  • Toggling UI off will now also turn off the recently added arrow that points to the Circle of Life when tutorials are turned on.

Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed a bug where invisible mushrooms could be pinged during a match lobby.

Gallery[ | ]

Cover Art Update "Super Easter 2021"

Links[ | ]

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