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Version 0.96.8 started a St. Pawtrick's Day 2021 event adding a few related new event related cosmetics. Introduction of Super Badger, updated Night mode, a brand new Super tutorial, and mushroom health pickups throughout the island were added.

St. Pawtrick's Day 2021.jpg
Version information
Release date 11 March 2021[1]
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Features[edit | edit source]

  • Introduction of new animal breed; Badger with 4 breeds; Super Badger, Super Honey Badger, Super American Badger, and Super Honey Honey Badger.
  • Return of the 7 Legacy St. Pawtrick's Day event items, and the inclusion of 2 New St. Pawtrick's Day event items;
    • Shamrock Glasses
    • Pot of Gold Gravestone
  • New Super Tutorial added that can be enable/disabled in the Options menu.
  • Added two milestones for team healing. The rewards are a syringe and doctor's outfit.
  • Added mushrooms to the forests around the island. They are typically found near pine trees and rocks, and munching one provides +5 health, similar to coconuts.
  • Added a daily challenge to munch mushrooms as well.
  • Research Lab shows silhouettes for undiscovered animals.
  • Super Animal Mods Cait's Blue Hoodie & Camo pants are now available in the Carl's Cart rotation.

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Changed weekly challenge for Dogna's Dart Gun kills to be damage instead of kills.
  • Replaced "Survive in Skunk Gas" weekly challenge with a munch mushrooms challenge.
  • Break explosive barrels weekly challenge changed from 75 to 30 barrels.
  • Added 0.02s click buffer when shooting non-automatic weapons. This allows for more regular timing of breakpoints and less gun jamming.
  • AK damage up-close changed from 35/37/39 to 33/35/37, and damage at max range changed from 25/28/31 to 23/26/29.
  • M16 damage up-close changed from 38/40 to 37/39, and damage at max range changed from 31/33 to 30/32.
  • Dogna's Dart Gun reload time reduced to 1.4s from 1.7s.
  • Grenades are now audible from further, and use a custom sound when heard at further ranges.

Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed stretched arms bug on parachute landing and with the Silenced Pistol.
  • Fixed compression artifacts on the Dynasty Helmet.
  • Fixed some cosmetic layering issues with the eye patch.
  • Fixed the fez icon.
  • Added an error message when the shop fails to load.
  • Translation fixes.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Cover Art Update "St. Pawtrick's Day 2021"

Links[edit | edit source]

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