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Release date 5 February 2021[1]
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Version 0.96.7 started a Year of the Super Ox event adding a few related cosmetics and map appearance. Additionally, four new Super Animal breeds for the Cow were added.

Features[ | ]

  • Introduced Dual Pistols Dual Pistols which are automatically crafted upon picking up a Gun-pistol grey Pistol while holding a second Gun-pistol grey Pistol.
  • Added 4 Cow breeds:
Char cow lunar-resources.assets-605

Super Lunar Ox
DNA Cow375 Super serum 100

Char cow golden-resources.assets-1730

Super Golden Ox
DNA Cow375 Super serum 100

Char cow bull demon-resources.assets-1534

Super Demon Bull
DNA Cow450 Super serum 120

Char cow deity-resources.assets-1681

Super Deity's Ox
DNA Cow460 Super serum 125

  • New Lunar New Year Items
    • Mandarin Hat (2021)
    • Lantern Umbrella
    • Lunar JAG-7
    • Lunar Silenced Pistol
    • Lion Dance Ball
    • Red Lunar Dress (2021)
    • Lunar Vest (2021)
    • Pipa
  • Year of the Super Rat statue has been replaced by a new Year of the Super Ox statue.
  • New Super Ox photo on the wall alongside the Super Rat and Super Pig from previous years.
  • Community member Atuin (牛棚大師) has written a brand new Lunar New Year couplet for the front gates of Bamboo Resort
    • In English, it translates roughly to: Calves are young and strong, swamps and rain forests are magnificent and beautiful. / Once familiar land now gains a new look and feelings, thousands of animals are rejoicing. / Travel the world like a herd of cattle running on grassland, full of life.
  • Added /hamball command which will spawn a hamster ball during a match. A limited number of them can be added in total.
  • Added /juice and /tape commands to spawn health juice and super tape respectively.
  • Fixed a bug where the admin spectating wouldn't see utility items update when swapping between players.

Changes[ | ]

  • Adjusted Gun-ak grey AK and Gun-ak grey AK bullet speed to be 180 and 188 (previously were 184 and 196).
  • Adjusted epic M16 and legendary M16 bullet speed to be 196 and 204 (previously were 221 and 233).
  • Emoting in Pre-game Lobby no longer has player collisions.
  • Icon Hamster Ball Hamster Ball audio range increased from 140 to 160 units.
  • Gun-sniper grey Sniper and Gun dart grey-resources.assets-5316 Dogna's Dart Gun now snap their aim instantly after reloading. This should reduce the issue of shooting after reloading, where the gun is still sideways from the animation.
  • Crate Rebel Caches can now contain Epic weapons. This should make opening them more exciting and rewarding.
  • Hidden rooms such as the Farm Rebel HQ, Sphinx, Super Stage piano, and Pyramid lab now have a guaranteed Rare or higher weapon spawn (up to Epic).
  • Epic weapons no longer spawn randomly in the world, aside from the Gun-pistol grey Pistol and in the aforementioned rooms. This change helps balance the rate with which Epic weapons were previously being found (i.e. easily spotted from the eagle).
  • The bamboo stick has been moved to Cackling Carl's Cart. It was previously a Legacy Lunar New Year item.
  • The Duos Day rose will be returning from Feb 12th 5pm PST to Feb 16th 5pm PST.
  • Pre-game Lobby timer will jump to 60s remaining if 32+ players join a match (if the time remaining is currently longer). This change was made to slightly reduce the time spent in Pre-game Lobbies.
  • Reduced brightness on poison skunk gas slightly.

Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed a few spots in the Super Animal World where players would get stuck.
  • Fixed a bug where Cackling Carl's Cart sometimes displayed template items.
  • Adjusted texture size and number of particles for Skunk bombUI Skunk Bombs.

Gallery[ | ]

Cover Art Update "Year of the super Ox"

Links[ | ]

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