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Version 0.96.7 started a Year of the Super Ox event adding a few related cosmetics and map appearance. Additionally four new Super Animal breeds for the Cow were added.

Also introducing the first craftable weapon, Dual Pistols.

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Version information
Release date 5 February 2021[1]
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  • Additionally added breeds to existing animals:
    • Cow: Super Lunar Ox,Super Golden Ox,Super Demon Bull,Super Deity's Ox
  • New Lunar New Year Items
    • Mandarin Hat (2021)
    • Lantern Umbrella
    • Lunar JAG-7
    • Lunar Silenced Pistol
    • Lion Dance Ball
    • Red Lunar Dress (2021)
    • Lunar Vest (2021)
    • Pipa
  • Year of the Super Rat statue has been replaced by a new Year of the Super Ox statue.
  • New Super Ox photo on the wall alongside the Super Rat and Super Pig from previous years.
  • Community member Atuin (牛棚大師) has written a brand new Lunar New Year couplet for the front gates of Bamboo Resort
    • In English, it translates roughly to: Calves are young and strong, swamps and rain forests are magnificent and beautiful. / Once familiar land now gains a new look and feelings, thousands of animals are rejoicing. / Travel the world like a herd of cattle running on grassland, full of life.
  • Added /hamball command which will spawn a hamster ball during a match. A limited number of them can be added total.
  • Added /juice and /tape commands to spawn health juice and super tape respectively.
  • Fixed a bug where the admin spectating wouldn't see utility items update when swapping between players.


  • Adjusted uncommon AK and rare AK bullet speeds to be 180 and 188 (previously were 184 and 196).
  • Adjusted epic M16 and legendary M16 bullet speeds to be 196 and 204 (previously were 221 and 233).
  • Emoting in lobbies no longer has player collisions.
  • Hamster ball audio range increased from 140 to 160 units.
  • Reduced brightness on poison skunk gas slightly.
  • The Sniper and Dogna's Dart Gun now snap their aim instantly after reloading. This should reduce the issue of shooting after reloading, where the gun is still sideways from the animation.
  • Rebel Caches can now drop epic weapons. This should make opening them more exciting and rewarding.
  • Hidden rooms such as the Farm Rebel HQ, Sphinx, Super Stage piano, and Pyramid lab now have a guaranteed rare or higher weapon spawn (up to epic).
  • Epic weapons no longer spawn randomly in the world, aside from the epic pistol and in the aforementioned rooms. This change helps balance the rate with which epics were previously being found (ie easily spotted from the eagle).
  • The bamboo stick has been moved to Carl's Cart. It was previously a Legacy Lunar New Year item.
  • The Duos Day rose will be returning from Feb 12th 5pm PST to Feb 16th 5pm PST.
  • Adjusted texture size and number of particles for Skunk Bombs.
  • Lobby timer will jump to 60s remaining if 32+ players join a match (if the time remaining is currently longer). This change was made to reduce time spent in lobbies slightly.


  • Fixed a few spots on the map where players would get stuck.
  • Fixed a bug where Carl's Cart sometimes displayed template items.


Cover Art Update "Year of the super Ox"


Steam Update log 0.96.7