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Release date 15 January 2021[1]
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Version 0.96.6 is a small minor update. This update includes the new Super Animal with four new breeds, the Seal, some small changes, and one minor fix.

Features[ | ]

  • Added one new Super Animal; The Seal
    • additional three breeds wear added
      • Super Seal Pup
      • Super Sealion
      • Super Walrus

Changes[ | ]

  • Once you reach the required level to unlock new Super Animals, you'll be guaranteed to get an undiscovered animal's DNA Fox DNA as your next DNA drop (previously it was 25% chance to get the new animal DNA).
    • Note: DNA magnets still take precedence over undiscovered DNA until they're used up, but once your magnet's effect wears off, the undiscovered DNA will be guaranteed to drop at that point.
  • The Research Lab will also now display an exclamation mark when you get new animal DNA for the first time.
  • Gun-magnum grey Magnum and Gun deagle grey Deagle now have 3 shots under fixed recoil pattern (previously were 2 before going into random recoil).
  • Slipping on a Banana splat Banana Peel will slide the Super Animal back to the actual server-side slip location, which fixes a hit registration issue.
  • Floss and Wave emotes have been revamped to fix some occasional glitches that they tended to introduce alongside new animals/cosmetics.
  • Due to High Ping Mode threshold being at 250ms, the old high ping check on bullet hits has been reintroduced. If a player is above 150 ping, the server will check if the person they shot is currently behind a wall, and if so, apply a 50% damage reduction.

Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed compression artifacts on the Stacked Hats.

Gallery[ | ]

super seal update

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