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Super CRISPRmas 2020
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Release date 18 December 2020[1]
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Version 0.96.5 started a Super CRISPRmas 2020 event adding a few related cosmetics and map appearance. Additionally, one new Super Animal was introduced as well as new sub-location, Poison Dart Gun renamed to Dogna's Dart Gun with improved functionality.

Features[ | ]

Char goat

Super Goat
DNA Goat175 Super serum 45

Char goat bicolor

Super Bicolor Goat
DNA Goat250 Super serum 70

Char goat grey

Super Gray Goat
DNA Goat325 Super serum 85

Char goat red

Super Devil Goat
DNA Goat400 Super serum 105

Char goat chamois

Super Chamois Goat
DNA Goat400 Super serum 105

Char goat 4horn

Super Four-Horned Goat
DNA Goat400 Super serum 105

  • New breeds:
Char sheep knitted

Super Knitted Sheep
DNA Sheep290 Super serum 80

Char hyena striped peppermint

Super Peppermint Hyena
DNA Hyena480 Super serum 125

Char bird greenfinch

Super Green Finch
DNA Songbird110 Super serum 24

Char rabbit lionhead

Super Lionhead Rabbit
DNA Bunny310 Super serum 80

Changes[ | ]

ModeIcon SAW vs Rebellion S.A.W. vs Rebellion (Legacy)[ | ]

  • Healing buff from captured flags made to be local instead of global, it heals 4 health points per second unless the flag is inside skunk gas range.
  • Move speed when a player is knocked down is now global for every player regardless of how many flags does a specific team have.
  • Victory timer from majority flag captures is no longer accelerated by 4 flags captured.
  • Removed rebel flag environment element.
  • Bananas thrown by teammates no longer cause flag capturing player to slip on them during and 1 second after capturing the flag.
  • When squad dies but the team in which the squad was part of wins it counts towards win statistics.

All Game Modes[ | ]

  • Gun poison dart Poison Dart Gun is replaced with Gun dart grey-resources.assets-5316 Dogna's Dart Gun:
    • Added functionality of healing teammates when hit with the dart, applies 24 health points over 2 seconds.
    • If a teammate with full health is on dart's path, it will pass through them, so that it can continue onward to potentially hit an enemy.
    • Healing from the darts does not stack (rapid hits only reset the timer).
    • Healing downed Super Animals is 50% effective.
    • A team healing stat has been added to the Stats screen.
  • Teammates display a health bar above their heads.
  • Added some boxes/cover to the Super Stage biome, and adjusted some stage elements.
  • Added more lighting to the environment during night mode (Superite crystals, stage poster walls, and others).
  • Gun-ak grey AK recoil while moving changed from +14% to +21%.
  • Gun-m16 grey M16 recoil while moving changes from +20% to +32%.
  • Some bots will be more aggressive in pursuing players.
  • Performance improvement for graphics cards: reduced graphics overdraw by using tight sprite meshes on the environment art.
  • Private matches can set high ping mode to whichever threshold they prefer (command is /highping #).

Fixes[ | ]

  • Controller plugin updated (hopefully fixes crashes related to foot pedals)
  • Fixed bots picking up weapons while downed
  • Fixed being able to ping items/caches in closed Secret Rooms.
  • Fixed various hedges having collisions that didn't line up
  • Fixed hit registry with shooting players in the banana slip animation

Gallery[ | ]

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