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Version information
Release date 18 December 2020[1]
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Version 0.96.5 started a Super CRISPRmas 2020 event adding a few related cosmetics and map appearance. Additionally one new Super Animal was introduced as well as new sub-location, Poison Dart Gun renamed to Dogna's Dart Gun with improved functionality.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • One new Animal with 6 breeds:
    • Char goat.png Super Goats: Super Goat, Super Bicolor Goat, Super Gray Goat, Super Devil Goat, Super Chamois Goat, Super Four-Horned Goat
  • Additionally added breeds to existing animals:
  • New CRISPRmas cosmetics:
    • Festive Bow
    • Green Festive Scarf
    • Yellow Knitted Sweater
    • Ski Pole
    • Foggy Glasses
    • Light Blue Winter Dress
    • Santa Dress
    • Icicle
  • New map location – Super Museum of Modern Art (SMOMA)
    • Features fan art and other SAR related artwork
  • Return of S.A.W. vs Rebellion mode

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • S.A.W. vs Rebellion
    • Healing buff from captured flags made to be local instead of global, it heals 4 health points per second unless flag is inside skunk gas range
    • Move speed when player is knocked down is now global for every player regardless of how many flags does a specific team have
    • Victory timer from majority flag captures is no longer accelerated by 4 flags captured
    • Removed rebel flag environment element
    • Bananas thrown by teammates no longer cause flag capturing player to slip on them during and 1 second after capturing the flag
    • When squad dies but team in which the squad was part of wins it counts towards win statistics
  • Dogna's Dart Gun
    • Changed name from Poison Dart Gun
    • Added functionality of healing teammates when hit with the dart, applies 24 health points over 2 seconds
    • If a teammate with full health is on its path it will pass through them
    • Healing effect does not stack
    • Healing downed players is 50% effective
    • A team healing stat has been added to the Stats screen
  • Teammates display health bar above their heads
  • Added some boxes/cover to the Super Stage biome, and adjusted some stage elements
  • Added more lighting to the environment during night mode (Superite crystals, stage poster walls, and others).
  • AK recoil while moving changed from +14% to +21%.
  • M16 recoil while moving changes from +20% to +32%.
  • Some bots will be more aggressive in pursuing players.
  • Performance improvement for graphics cards: reduced graphics overdraw by using tight sprite meshes on the environment art.
  • Private matches can set high ping mode to whichever threshold they prefer (command is /highping #)

Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Controller plugin updated (hopefully fixes crashes related to foot pedals)
  • Fixed bots picking up weapons while downed
  • Can no longer ping items/caches that are covered in hidden rooms
  • Fixed various hedges having collisions that didn't line up
  • Fixed hit registry with shooting players in the banana slip animation

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