Version 0.96.4

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Version information
Release date 4 December, 2020[1]
Version chronology
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Features[edit | edit source]

  • Two new Animals with 4 breeds each:
    • Char pigeon.png Super Pigeons: Super Brown Pigeon, Super Purple Pigeon, Super Satinette Pigeon, Super Dove
    • Char-opossum.png Super Possums: Super White Possum, Super Purple Paw Possum, Super Pink Possum, Super Goth Possum
  • New cosmetics:
    • S.A.W Shop
      • Fish Bone melee
      • Punk Skirt
      • Punk Jacket
      • Broken Bottle melee
    • Cackling Carl's Cart
      • Punk Shorts
      • Recycling Tee
      • Green Mohawk
      • Blue Mohawk
      • Purple Mohawk
  • New location: Super Animal Super Stage replacing West S.A.W. Villas

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Reworked game menus:
    • Remade mode selection interface making it easier to select the mode and be more descriptive for newer players
    • News box supports showing multiple pieces of news
    • Exclamation marks in milestones show only when the player can claim the item
  • Pinwheel melee weapon now animates
  • The hockey mask and Howl mask now display over top of hats
  • Adjusted some animals' glasses/masks position (rat, capybara, hippo)
  • Added some more night lighting to the map: Welcome Center flag poles, Super Milk Bar sign, and the Lab To Table sign. The new Super Animal Super Stage also has lights for its popcorn machine and stage
  • Adjusted gun sounds to better match the actual reload time
  • High ping mode now activates if the last 3 pings were above the threshold (rather than on individual spikes). Also adjusted the duration to 10s rather than 15s. Note: these changes mostly affect players whose temporary ping spike would push them into high ping mode

Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed bad display of Animal Pass levels
  • Fixed the Desert Goggles on penguins
  • Fix for floss animation glitch with the S.A.W. Uniform
  • Fixed Graduate Hat icon
  • Fixed bug with Skunk Vial where player speed was incorrect
  • Expanded server-side hit registry rollback, to hopefully fix shots not being registered
  • Increased collision height on tall concrete walls (affects throwables)

References[edit | edit source]