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Super Major Update
Release date 17 November, 2020[1]
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  • Added Super Dog Breeds: Pitbull, Samoyed, and German Shepherd
  • New Game Mode: S.A.W. vs Rebellion (32v32)
  • Super Super Animal Pass Season 0
  • New progression system
    • S.A.W. Shop
    • Cackling Carl's Cart
    • Weekly challenges added
  • New Carl Coins currency added
  • Daily and Weekly Challenges now show up in the Paws Menu
  • Added Rebel Caches that can be found around the map. When opened, they will drop a rare or epic weapon or level 3 armor, as well as some Super Tape or Health Juice.
  • Added animated damage numbers when an enemy is hit, including armor hits and poison damage. They can be toggled on or off in settings.
  • Player markers on the map & minimap now face the direction that the player is looking
  • New High Ping mode


  • All versions coalesced into a single free-to-play version with other game versions changed to DLC
  • The majority of the endgame Delivery Mole items were moved to Cackling Carl's Cart to reduce the randomness of earning items.
  • New interface and scenery for the menus
  • All challenges provide EXP rather than items
  • Duplicate end-game cosmetic item drops were automatically converted into Carl Coins
  • Item trade-up was removed and existing duplicate items were converted into Carl Coins
  • Super Serum rewards after matches are no longer random, instead 0.45 Super Serum is rewarded per minute survived (rounded). If player get more than one kill in the match, they will be rewarded with 1 bonus Super Serum.
  • Super Serum reward for leveling up has been increased from 3 to 5.
  • Milestones are no longer automatically granted at the end of the round and now must be claimed in the milestones tab
  • Player collisions have been added (does not apply to teammates). Player will collide with emus and hamster balls while on foot as well.
  • Minimap fades when mousing over it.
  • "Sparrow hits in one match" milestone objectives changed to 5/10/20 from 5/15/25.
  • Creep zoom is maintained during creep roll. Players can no longer creep zoom on Giant Emus or in hamster balls.
  • Added a 0.25s block on shooting after exiting a Hamster Ball (matches the same block on exiting Emus).
  • Pressing reload while holding a charged bow will cancel the charge.
  • Super Skunk Vial changed to now increase movement speed in the skunk gas and skunk bombs by 25%, and reduce their damage by 10% rather than applying poison damage to melee attacks.
  • Downed players can now eat nearby bananas for health if they have a Banana Forker equipped.
  • Bots will occasionally pick up level 1 armor.
  • The Shotgun, JAG-7, Pistol, and SMG had their bullet range reduced since they were stripping armor too easily at long ranges.
  • Bow & Sparrow as well as the Sparrow Launcher received a significant damage buff.
  • The Magnum breaks 2 ticks now, but has had clip size reduced to 6.
  • Max carried grenades is now 4.
  • Night Mode chance has increased from 5% to 9% and includes more environmental lighting.


  • Can now ping campfires, coconuts, mole crates, and rebel caches.