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Release date 16 October 2020[1]
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Version 0.96.1 is the second and last phase of the Public Test Realm (PTR) that features; updated S.A.W. vs Rebellion 32 vs 32 game mode, more UI/menu changes, and many other additional changes/fixes based off player's feedback.

The second phase of the PTR started on October 16th, 2020 and lasted until October 22nd, 2020.

Features[ | ]

  • Updated S.A.W. vs Rebellion game mode:
    • There are now 4 flags to capture (instead of 3) arranged in a diamond shape.
    • The match can be won by holding onto 3 flags for 60 seconds. Capturing the 4th flag will halve the timer. If flags are lost then the timer is canceled and resets.
    • Players start with a bit of each ammo, 1 Duct-Tape Super Tape, and 50 Healthjuice level 3 Health Juice. ayer opens inventor(huh?)
    • Flags owned will now increase your team's movement speed while downed. Also added an icon on the HUD to denote this buff.
    • Added an indicator arrow on teammates.
    • Larger map icons for teammates and they will show if a player is knocked down.
    • Changed end-game "YOU PLACED #2" text to be "YOU WERE ELIMINATED" if you're eliminated before the end of the match. In the case of winning, it will say "YOUR TEAM HAS WON!".
  • Menu and UI Changes;
    • New main menu scene, set at Giant Eagleport (GEP), Super Animal World’s main (and only) international airport. GEP is now the place where Giant Eagles launch, carrying battle royale contestants.
    • New Non Player Character (NPC)s join Cackling Carl Cackling Carl and CharacterIcon Ms MacAwesome Ms. MacAwesome in the menus.
      • Katie O'Prey Katie O'Prey attends the gate on the home screen of the main menu for her employer, Giant Eagle Airlines (GEA). As with all GEA employees, Katie is a Super Bird of prey, whose uniform is as sharp as her beak.
      • CharacterIcon Dr Jennifer Dogna Dr. Jennifer Dogna, the most renowned of the renowned Lab-Labs, is now on hand to help players navigate the Research Lab screen, and turn their hard-earned DNA into new Super Animals!
  • Weekly challenges are now the same for all players each week.

Changes[ | ]

  • Added an indicator arrow on teammates.
  • New character animation for capturing a flag in S.A.W. vs Rebellion.
  • Larger map icons for teammates and they will show if a player is knocked down.
  • Downed players no longer have collisions.
  • Reduced overall player collisions size and movement speed while colliding changed from 25% to 30% of normal.
  • Reverted the change to make rarity apply to weapon recoil (i.e. rarity no longer affects recoil as of this patch).
  • Max carried grenades set to 4 instead of 5.
  • Removed movement slow after firing the Sniper.
  • Animal Pass screen has a new design and background.
  • Added translations for some of the main menu and Animal Pass.
  • Teammates' help/danger/gogo pings in Saw vs Rebels will play a sound now (in addition to showing up on the map as it already does). There is an anti-spam period too to prevent sound overload.
  • Rebel Caches will spawn more ammo with their weapon.
  • Mole crates will spawn more ammo for each weapon they dropped.

Fixes[ | ]

  • Bug with enemy flight path being broken should be fixed.
  • Fixed incorrect warning text when leaving a Saw vs Rebellion match after your squad was dead.
  • Fixed blank names for people using angle brackets.
  • Fixed being able to change main menu tabs while unlocking an animal.
  • Fixed bug where maximum Sparrow ammo was 30 (should be 35 now).
  • Fixed a bug where non-looping emotes on Animal Pass, Store, and Milestones wouldn't go back to idle after animation finished.
  • Fixed a double-click issue on the S.A.W. Tickets screen.
  • Fixed "Sparrow hits in one match" displaying the wrong numbers on the milestones page.

Gallery[ | ]

Cover Art "PTR Phase 2 Update"

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