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Version 0.96.0 is a major update for Super Animal Royale featuring: a Public Test Realm for players to opt into to take a look at Super Animal Royale's latest build, and help shape the game by leaving feedback on it, introduction of both Cackling Carl's Cart and S.A.W. Shop and their Currency used to make purchases at these shops, introduction of a new game mode, S.A.W. vs Rebellion 32 vs 32 game mode, introduced Rebel Caches that can be found around Super Animal World, main menu/UI overhaul, introduction of Super Animal Passes and the beginning of Super Animal Pass Season 0, daily and weekly challenges revamp, and weekly challenges added, earned progression system overhaul, The Great Gun Buyback, and various other gameplay changes and other fixes. This phase of the PTR lasted from October 8th, 2020 to October 12th, 2020.

Features[ | ]

  • The beginning of the Public Test Realm players can opt in to help test out the latest build of Super Animal Royale.
    • The PTR is only available for players who own Super Animal Royale. Demo users are not able to use Steam betas).
  • New game mode S.A.W. vs Rebellion 32 vs 32 game mode introduced.
    • Only game mode players are able to play during the PTR.
    • Players engage in large-scale 32v32 battles, with separate Giant Eagle flight paths and 3 flags to capture that provide a health regeneration buff and bonus EXP for your team.
    • Player's helmets and gravestones will automatically be set to match the team your on during that match: S.A.W. Forces or Rebellion Fighter.
  • Introduction of S.A.W. Shop (a rotating premium items store) and Currency S.A.W. Ticket S.A.W. Tickets currency.
    • All players in the PTR will start with Currency S.A.W. Ticket 1200. The tickets are removed from your player's accounts after the PTR has concluded, but every owner of the game will receive starter S.A.W. Tickets as part of the new Super Edition.
  • Introduction of Super Animal Passes and the first Super Animal Pass, Super Animal Pass Season 0.
    • With 49 tiers of rewards to earn, players will earn the rewards after purchasing the pass and by playing matches and leveling up by earning exp. Some rewards can be earned for free, but others will require purchasing the pass.
    • Progress is reset at the end of the PTR.
  • Introduction of Cackling Carl's Cart and NewMenuCoinIcon Carl's Coins currency, an in-game currency earned by playing matches, and leveling up used to purchase cosmetics from the rotating store.
    • Any duplicate items in a player's inventory will be converted to NewMenuCoinIcon Carl's Coins.
    • The end-game mole loot drop has been removed, and most of those items have been moved into Carl's Cart. However, 69 of the Level-Up Random Drop items will remain as random drops, awarded upon leveling up.
  • Weekly Super Challenges added.
  • The Great Gun Buyback begins.
  • New Main Menu and UI.
    • Milestones are now claimed in the redesigned milestones tab rather than automatically granted at end-game.
    • Scrollbars in the menus have been widened.
    • Added mouse-over sounds for many of the main menu buttons.
    • The Discord button in the main menu now displays the number of users online.
  • Can now ping Campfire Campfires, Crate Rebel Caches, UnopenedCrate Mole Crates, Icon Ammo Ammunition, Healthjuice level 3 Health Juice, Coconut Coconuts, Duct-Tape Super Tape, and Icon Throwables Throwables.
  • Added Crate Rebel Caches that can be found around the Super Animal World.
  • Introduction of High Ping Mode.
  • Bots will occasionally pick up Bodyarmor level 1  T1 Armor.
  • Bots will dance if they win a game.

Changes[ | ]

  • Shotgun bullet range lowered to 45/48/51 (by rarity respectively) from previous values of 59/63/66. Due to having shorter range, damage has been increased slightly at these ranges.
  • Epic JAG-7 bullet range lowered to 43 (previously was 63), with per-pellet damage of 4 at this range (previously was 3.75).
  • Legendary JAG-7 bullet range lowered to 47 (previously was 66), with per-pellet damage of 5 at this range (previously was 4)
  • Gun-pistol grey Pistol bullet ranges reduced from 94102111119 to 9296100104. Damage is slightly increased at these new ranges.
  • The SMG's bullets were previously able to reach 120 range, but were doing 5/7/9 damage at that range (depending on rarity). They have now been adjusted to be 102/106/110 range and doing 9/10.5/12 damage at those ranges.
  • Epic Thomas Gun bullet range is now 115 (from 120), and 12 damage at that max range (previously 11.5).
  • Legendary Thomas Gun bullet range remains at 120, but instead will do 13 damage at max range (previously 13.7).
  • Recoil when firing guns is now a preset pattern rather than random. This should provide more ways for players to learn individual weapons and have more calculated shot patterns, in addition to predicting player movement.
  • A brief movement slow (that applies in roll) will apply after shooting a Sniper.
  • Weapon rarity will also once again affect the recoil spread amount.
  • Purple rarity weapons have a reduced spawn rate in the world (excluding Sniper and Sparrow Launcher), but have an increased chance inside Rebel Caches.
  • Hunting Rifle damage at max range increased from 70/75/80 to 75/80/85.
  • Sniper damage at max range increased from 85/91 to 92/96.
  • Magnum clip size changed to 6, and Deagle to 8.
  • Magnum breaks 2 ticks of armor.
  • Magnum base bullet speed lowered from 210 to 195, in order to differentiate it more from the Deagle.
  • Lowered Magnum spawn rate (spawn weight reduced from 30 to 23).
  • Lowered AK spawn rate (spawn weight reduced from 20 to 15).
  • Shotgun move speed while shooting lowered from 82% to 77%.
  • JAG-7 move speed while shooting lowered from 84% to 81%.
  • Bow & Sparrow damage increased from 34/36 to 55/57, armor penetration lowered from 60% to 40%.
  • Sparrow Launcher damage increased from 36/40 to 57/60, armor penetration also lowered to 40%.
  • Sparrow Launcher projectile speed increased by ~6%.
  • Maximum sparrow ammo is now 35 (from 25).
  • Both bow weapons now spawn with 12 ammo beside them (up from 10).
  • Gun poison dart Poison Dart Gun attack speed increased from 0.5s to 0.44s.
  • Lowered Gun poison dart Poison Dart Gun spawn rate slightly (spawn weight lowered from 10 to 9).
  • Katana Melee Weapon attacks now do 50% damage through Icon Armor  Armor.
  • Melee swings only slow movement to 80% now (previously was 73%).
  • Minigun is only available in Legendary rarity tier now.
  • Reduced range of Grenades & explosions destroying Bananas by about 25%.
  • Redesign of the Beta Blue Beanie to be more unique/special (for players who played in the beta back in 2018).
  • Minimap now fades when moused over to make it easier to line up your shots with the enemy is in the top left of the screen.
  • Super Serum rewards after matches are no longer random, instead 0.45 Super Serum is rewarded per minute survived (rounded). If players get more than one kill in the match, you'll be rewarded with 1 bonus Super Serum.
  • Super Serum reward for leveling up has been increased from 3 to 5.

Fixes[ | ]

  • Increased maximum simultaneous audio sources from 32 to 64.
  • Made a bunch of performance improvements to several parts of the game, especially memory allocation that was happening mid-game, sound loading, and line of sight calculations.
  • Adjusted lighting so it more closely matches the original art assets.
  • Fixed a bug where other players were not visibly charging their Bow & Sparrow properly.
  • Fixed a bug where players with altered system clocks were having daily challenges constantly trying to reset.
  • Fixed a bug where lag during the Eagle would sometimes result in being disconnected once landing.
  • Fixed a bug where some ground-level sounds could be heard while in the Giant Eagle or parachuting.
  • Fixed a bug where players would drop empty ammo boxes upon death.
  • Fixed a few rare soft crashes.

Gallery[ | ]

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