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Super Halloween 2020
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Release date 28 October, 2020[1]
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This update coincided with the start of the Super Howloween 2020 event.

Features[ | ]

  • Night Mode introduced with a 25% chance to occur during the Howloween Event with a 50% chance on October 31. Normal Night Mode chance will be 5% after the event.
  • Three new animal breeds: Super Candycorn Ferret, Super Zombie Tiger (inspired by Community Member & Super Artist Piers), Super Dracula Parrot
  • Nine new cosmetic items earnable during the event: Candycorn Sniper, Skeleton AK, Skull Bow, Bat Wing Outfit, Bolts Hat, Frankenstein Outfit, Cauldron Gravestone, Devil Pitchfork Melee, Pumpkin Costume

Changes[ | ]

  • Pirate’s Cutlass and Banana Costume were removed from the Halloween legacy item set and became available year-round in Cackling Carl’s Cart (Introduced in v0.96.3)

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