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Super Squirrel
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Release date 23 July, 2020[1]
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Features[ | ]


Super Squirrel
DNA Squirrel75 Super serum 15


Super Gray Squirrel
DNA Squirrel115 Super serum 28


Super Black Squirrel
DNA Squirrel140 Super serum 38


Super Vanilla Squirrel
DNA Squirrel150 Super serum 40

  • New game mechanic: Sniper Rifles Zoom-out for Gun rifle grey-resources.assets-1277 Hunting Rifle and Gun-sniper grey Sniper. To zoom-out, hold down the "Creep (Sneak Quietly)" action, by default CtrlPC PS4 Left StickPS XboxOne Left StickXbox/Switch Switch Left StickJoy-Con.
  • New Super Milestones with 4 new customizations:
    • Brown Archer Outfit (track players with Sparrows 5 times in a single match)
    • Green Archer Outfit (track players with Sparrows 15 times in a single match)
    • Archer Hat (track players with Sparrows 25 times in a single match)
    • Target Gravestone (shoot a gallery target with a bow during a match)

Changes[ | ]

  • Max carrying capacity for Ammo sniper Sniper Bullets and Ammo dart Darts increased form 25 to 30.
  • Gun-minigun grey Minigun base damage increased by 3.
  • Gun rifle grey-resources.assets-1277 Hunting Rifle reload time lowered to from 0.8s to 0.7s.
  • Gun rifle grey-resources.assets-1277 Hunting Rifle & Gun-sniper grey Sniper bullet speed increased for each rarity from common up to legendary tier: 240/250/260/270/280 to 250/258/266/274/282.
  • Gun-sniper grey Sniper rifle has slightly faster recoil reset while idle or creeping.
  • Gun deagle grey Deagle base damage reduced by 3.
  • Attach-Skunk-Gas-Vial Skunk Gas Vial no longer prevents poison damage. Instead it prevents poison death.

Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed Attach-banancharm Banana Forker tooltip.
  • Fixed a bug where lobby weapons were sometimes visible during the match in private games.
  • Various translation fixes.

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