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Release date 24 June, 2020[1]
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Features[ | ]

  • 9 new event exclusive cosmetics
  • 8 Legacy cosmetics- 25% chance of dropping if unowned

Changes[ | ]

  • Visual clarity of guns with shorter ranges has been improved by removing bullets that have reached a damage falloff of 85% (they’ll now despawn rather than traveling the remaining 15% of distance where they would have done very little damage).
  • Previously, armor was not removed once a bullet reached 85% damage falloff because the amount of damage it was doing was so miniscule that it felt unfair to remove a full tick of armor. This won’t change gun balancing in any significant way, but makes it much clearer when a bullet will do meaningful damage or not, and brings the visual in line with how armor removal already works.
  • Emu chonk Chonk Emu’s health has been increased from 170 to 190 HP.
  • Attach-Skunk-Gas-Vial Skunk Gas Vial now also provides poison immunity (from poison dart gun and others using the vial, but not from skunk bombs).
  • Banana Forker has had its banana eating distance increased, and healing has been increased from 15 to 25 hp.
  • Increased footstep volume slightly, and increased roll and running footstep audible distance (which increases the benefit of creeping or using Ninja Booties).
  • Standardized the Shotgun's spread to be 15° whether idle or running. Previously it was 15° while idle and 19° while running.
  • JAG-7's spread adjusted to be 17.5° while running. Previously it was 18.5°.
  • Increased the magnum’s bullet speed slightly.
  • Magnum and Deagle have both had per-shot recoil lowered, and recovery time is now slightly faster.
  • Damage falloff for the Uncommon/Rare SMG and the Thomas Gun has been increased slightly.
  • Initial bullet spread for Thomas Gun increased by 0.5°.
  • New commands for Private Matches
  • Added new sound effects for when teammates eject from the Giant Eagle.

Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed markers on the minimap not sticking to the edges at the proper angles (thanks to user, BatoSoupo, on r/animalroyale for this one!)
  • Fixed an issue with guns poking under campfires.
  • Fixed issues with Minigun aiming up close.
  • Fixed map markers briefly displaying in the wrong position.
  • Fixed bug with disconnected players on emus.
  • Skunk Gas Vial no longer cancels the melee-only victory milestone.
  • Main menu's region selector no longer uses LT/RT on controllers.

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