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Version information
Release date 21 May, 2020 [1]
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Features[edit | edit source]

  • Super Powerups - a brand new category of item that grant your Super Animal passive abilities. You’ll find them scattered around the island but can only hold one at a time, so choose wisely.
  • New Giant Emu Breads - 3 New Giant Emu breads The Chonk Emu, Speedy Emu and the Battle Emu.
    • Chonk Emu: 170 hp, 35 damage, 85% speed.
    • Speedy Emu: 110 hp, 35 damage, 115% speed.
    • Battle Emu: 150 hp, 45 damage, 110% speed.
  • Private Matches
  • New animal breeds - Super Roadrunner and Super Coyote

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Giant Emu overall Health and damage reduced from 150 hp and damage to 140 hp and damage. Controls reverted to original style where acceleration is instant. Emus can now cut grass with their pecks.
  • Creep-walking is now fully silent.
  • Idle and creep-walking have slightly faster recoil reset delay (0.16s instead of normal 0.20s).
  • Almost all Weapons upgraded to have less firing recoil while standing still or creeping.
  • SMG and Thomas Gun have more starting spread and more recoil per shot.
  • AK & M16 will not slow movement as much while firing, but they have slightly more firing recoil while running.
  • Hunting Rifle & Sniper will slow movement less while firing.
  • Poison Dart Gun tick damage increased from 8 to 9, but number of ticks reduced from 5 to 4. This puts it back at a 3-shot kill, but still maintains decent DPS.
  • The final Skunk Gas circle now takes 8s to close (previously 7s) and does 14.2 damage per tick (up from 12).
  • Can now scroll chat with mouse-wheel (while typing is active).
  • NPCs will display an exclamation mark above their head if you haven't completed their milestone yet. As well, after completing their milestone, they'll also show a small [...] icon above them to indicate additional dialogue.

Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an animation glitch for NPCs when the Skunk Gas hits them.
  • Fix for dropping weapons from inventory causing your selected weapon to always change.
  • Fixed some loot spawns inside Dogna's lab.
  • Fixed an occasional desync bug where a player's roll animation was different on their screen versus other players.
  • Matchmaker fixes ("Game already started" bug should be squashed).

References[edit | edit source]