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Version information
Release date 1 April, 2020 [1]
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Features[edit | edit source]

  • Super Easter 2020
  • Freefall mechanic- players can now put away their umbrellas while falling from the Eagle to fall faster to the ground. Use the same hotkey (default is e ) to switch between umbrella an freefall.
  • Freefalling allows for faster descent, but be careful of smacking theground- players won't take damage but will be briefly stunned.
  • Bots will partake in freefalling as well

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Players will now glide further while using umbrellas from the Eagle
  • Giant Emu changes:
  • Giant Emus can now eat coconuts to heal (in addition to being healed by campfires
  • The Giant Emu's health isnow displayed in a bar on it's saddle
  • Armor now partially protects against pecks- each peck will remove one tick of armor, but the player will still receive 15 damage through the armor. Peck damage without armor is unchanged at 45.
  • Movement now has minor acceleration/deceleration
  • Giant Emu displays healing effects now when at campfires, in addition to the rider
  • Audible range increased by about 10%
  • Short delay added on shooting when dismounting a Giant Emu
  • Rapidly mounting/dismounting an Emu will result in a temporary block on mounting
  • Poison Dart Gun now applies 5 ticks rather than 4 (but same total damage). Also, it is able to poison Giant Emus now.
  • Epic M16 removed fro mthe Mole crate, since it is a world spawn. Legendary m16's chance was increased slightly to compensate.
  • Slightly increased Legendary Sniper's chance in the mole crate.
  • Movement speed with Hunting Rifle increased slightly
  • Incrased recoil speed of Sniper when not moving.
  • Adjusted camera zoom during parachute so that it accelerates as you get closer to the ground
  • Improved issue of Giant Emus being able to be pushed into tight corners.
  • Reload is cancelled when entering a Hamster Ball or mounting a Giant Emu.
  • Founders name color is a bit brighter to help it pop against the Welcome Center ground more.

Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fix for Giant Emu reins sometimes being incorrectly colored.
  • Fix for a revived player entering a Giant Emu and being glitcheed
  • Fixed laggy players being able to peck despite dismounting a Giant Emu
  • Fix for Giant Emus being heard in game lobby
  • Fixed (for real this time) players sometimes not appearing to roll
  • Removed a few explosive barrels that were breakable through walls
  • Translation fixes

Reference[edit | edit source]