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Release date 20 February, 2020 [1]
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Features[ | ]

Changes[ | ]

  • Mobility and Recoil updates
  • You can now move while slowly while healing or taping! This allows you to make slow progress away from the skunk gas, or recover a bit of armor/health while repositioning behind cover in a fight.
  • Movement on ice is more smooth now, and actions like reloading and healing won't cause instant slowing.
  • You can now heal and tape while sliding on ice.
  • Weapon Recoil changes
  • Aside from the Shotgun, all weapons now have minimal spread while moving and rolling
  • Each gun has a unique move speed slow-down while shooting. (Previously all weapons had the same move speed while firing, but now certain guns like the Pistol and SMG will be able to move faster
  • AK and M16 are now more accurate per shot and have less maximum spread
  • Sniper now has much greater recoil per shot, and increased maximum spread. Recoil also resets faster when standing still.
  • Deagle and Magnum have slower recoil reset rate, due to having less base spread and no spread from rolling
  • Sounds have been added for opening/closing your backpack (zip!), dropping items and swapping the order of your weapons
  • Animations have been added for opening/closing inventory that acts as a clearer visual cue for when you have your inventory open/closed
  • The backpack icon is larger and has been moved down in-line with the top row of inventory, and changes between open/closed states
  • Visual separation has been added between the inventory items you can activate (Health Juice and Super Tape) and the one's you're holding (ammo and Armor).
  • Ammo and armor are now faded out when invenory is closed to draw attention to Health Juice and Super Tape. When inventory is opened, ammo and armor fade in and become selectable.
  • Increased the size of the top row of items and text so it's easier to see how much ammo, Super Tape and Health Juice you have.
  • Selected weapon now animates up when selected, and all weapons animate up when inventory is opened to indicate that you can interact with them.
  • Selection of weapons with the mouse now handles the buffer space between your weapons better so that dragging them is more reliable.
  • Added a character animation for dropping an item.
  • Inventory tooltips improvements
  • Added power bars, which make it easier to compare stats between different weapons
  • Added stars to denote rarity (in addition to the colors)
  • More stats have been added for certain items, including the effect a weapon has on move speed
  • The account level cap of 999 has been lifted. Players at the max level will continue to use the same gem from level 999 but can continue to increase their account level. We plan to allow gem selection (from all your unlocked gems) in a future update.
  • The spectate ghost's design has been improved and is now animated!
  • Chopsticks now has a custom sound
  • World spawn rate for the M16, Thomas Gun and JAG-7 are now half of the previous rate, to better match their "epic" rarity. You can get lucky finding epic versions of these guns in the wild, but your best bet for getting your hands on one is the Mole crate (which is the only place you can get the legendary varieties).
  • Poison Dart Gun now has no damage falloff (previously had a very tiny amount)
  • Shotgun reload sound shortened.

Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed an invisible collision from shipping containers on the map
  • Fixed a bug where somtimes players who were rolling didn't display the rolling animation to other players and looked instead like they were still running
  • Fixed a bug where equipping an item on the endgame screen would not take effect upon returning to the main menu
  • Fixed dresses stretching while taping
  • Fixed some labels for Chinese, Korean and Japanese not using bold style
  • Additional translation fixes

References[ | ]