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Year of the Super Rat Event
Version information
Release date 23 January, 2020 [1]
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Features[ | ]

  • 5 new Super Rat breeds
  • Collect Cheese Coins for 9 event exclusive items
  • All 8 of 2019's Lunar New Year items have returned as random drops during the event

Changes[ | ]

  • Bamboo Biome overhaul
  • The Golden Pig statue has been changed to a Golden Rat
  • The Gun-m16 grey M16 can now spawn in the world (only Legendary remains exclusive to the Delivery Mole).
  • Gun-thomas gun grey Thomas Gun reload time increased to 1.7s from 1.5s
  • Gun-thomas gun grey Thomas Gun clip size reduced from 50 to 40
  • Map & game data is now cached in memory so subsequent matches will load very quickly now
  • Map and minimap text is now translated
  • Updated several missing translations
  • Made some performance improvements related to lighting and shadows. Players may see +10-20% or more FPS, but it will depend on whether their CPU or graphics card is bottlenecked.
  • A few cosmetics (such as the Rainbow Baseball Cap) were moved to a texture atlas with no compression, which fixes some graphical artifacts

Fixes[ | ]

  • Clothing and cosmetic bug fixes
  • Fix for being stuck when throwing a grenade while entering a Hamster Ball
  • Several art assets cleaned up and improved on size
  • Removed some old unused environment art assets
  • Translation fixes

Post Changes/Fixes[ | ]

  • Brought back the grid-lines on the map and minimap
  • Fixed the invisible collision along the Super Saharaland road
  • Changed the color of the + on the HUD Health Juice
  • Fixes for map translations
  • Fixed missing translation for Super Animal Presets on the Yes & No confirmation buttons
  • Fix for weapons being stuck on the cursor if you were dragging one when the lobby ends
  • Fixed the ice skating sound sometimes playing after death
  • Fixed a bug where free edition users could randomize their cosmetics and then be unable to join matches
  • Fix for gun skins still being equipped in Super Animal Presets after being traded away
  • Fixed an issue where traded items were still equipped when swapping around your presets
  • Editing an animal preset's name has [OK] / [Cancel] actions rather than [Yes] / [No]
  • [Enter] Key can now be used to confirm an animal preset name
  • The randomize feature for animal presets can now pick the 'none' option in each category
  • Dragging an item into the gaps between weapons will no longer drop the item
  • Inventory tooltips for guns updated to include: poison damage, multi-bullet damage, bullet speed, armor pierce, reload time
  • Grammar fixed for '1 hit remaining' tooltip on armor
  • Character animation fixes
  • Thomas Gun equip sound updated
  • Cheese Coins reward will also show above the experience bar on the end game screen
  • Fix for people with max animal presets (20) being blocked from editing them

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