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Release date 19 December, 2019 [1]
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Features[ | ]

Changes[ | ]

  • Ice Sliding improvements: new animation, new sounds and increased speed (18% boost)
  • Lake Slippity's accommondations have been overhauled with premium igloo suites
  • Le Waddle's fountain centerpiece (fed by the hot springs below) is now animated with moving water and steam
  • Couryard improvements including benches and added detailing on the ice
  • Number of Loot spawns increased at Penguin Palace
  • SMG's and Thomas Gun's recoil per shot reduced from 2.0 degrees to1.9 degrees. Maximum recoil spread is now 12 degrees (was 13)
  • AK accuracy boost: AK's recoil per shot reduced from 1.5 to 1.4 degrees, inition running recoil lowered to 3.5 from 4 degrees and maximum recoil lowered to 8 degrees from 10
  • M16's initial running recoil lowered from 4.0 degrees from 4.5, and maximum recoil reduced to 7.5 degrees from 9
  • Muting and unmuting players (hover over player and press F5) will now apply across matches (previously only worked for individual matches)

Fixes[ | ]

  • Several character model fixes including the Tricolor Corgi's tail
  • Fixed some ice statues z-order
  • Translation fixes

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