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Super crisprmas event
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Release date 13 December, 2019 [1]
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Features[ | ]

Char penguin-resources.assets-1596

Super Penguin
DNA Penguin125 Super serum 30

Char penguin blue-resources.assets-1132

Super Blue Penguin
DNA Penguin160 Super serum 45

Char penguin baby-resources.assets-1253

Super Penguin Chick
DNA Penguin170 Super serum 45

Char penguin adelie-resources.assets-1588

Super Adelie Penguin
DNA Penguin220 Super serum 58

Char penguin gray-resources.assets-1241

Super Poison Penguin
DNA Penguin220 Super serum 58

Char penguin pink-resources.assets-988

Super Bubblegum Penguin
DNA Penguin230 Super serum 58

Char penguin eyebrows-resources.assets-590

Super Macaroni Penguin
DNA Penguin290 Super serum 80

Changes[ | ]

  • Welcome Fountain at S.A.W. Welcome Center now has a CRISPRmas Tree and features special holiday music. CRISPRmas Trees can also be spotted around the island.
  • The Giant Eagle and Mole Delivery Mole sport festive attire for the holidays.
  • Ice is now slippery; at full speed movement is 12% faster than on regular ground, Icon Hamster Ball Hamster Balls also get this bonus.
  • Gun-smg grey SMG no longer appears in Animal Royale matches. It has been replaced with Gun-thomas gun grey Thomas Gun.
  • Game engine has been upgraded from Unity 2017 to Unity 2018.
    • Minimum required Windows OS version is now Windows 7. See more information on minimum system requirements on the game information page.
  • Snow will intensify in the Tundra during rainy weather.
  • The Minimap now shows the interiors of buildings.
  • Char-dog-husky Super Husky has been redesigned.

Fixes[ | ]

  • Updated our animation toolkit (Spine 3.8), which should provide some minor performance improvements.
  • Fix for Discord overlay/integration
  • Fixed z-ordering on the doors at Cattitude
  • Fix for first time accounts having no equipped emote

References[ | ]