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Jag- leop
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Release date 22 November, 2019 [1]
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Features[ | ]

Char leopard-resources.assets-1469

Super Leopard
DNA Leopard175 Super serum 45

Char leopard jaguar-resources.assets-1447

Super Jaguar
DNA Leopard250 Super serum 70

Char leopard sour-resources.assets-1544

Super Sour Leopard
DNA Leopard325 Super serum 90

Char leopard bubblegum-resources.assets-1489

Super Bubblegum Leopard
DNA Leopard400 Super serum 105

Changes[ | ]

  • Gun recoil adjustments:
    • Gun-ak grey AK maximum recoil down to 10 degrees from 12.
    • Gun-m16 grey M16 maximum recoil down to 9 degrees from 10.
    • Gun-minigun grey Minigun recoil per shot lowered to 1 degree from 2.5 degrees. Max is still the same.
  • Item trade-up no longer closes after a trade and performance has been boosted on this screen.
  • Duct-Tape Duct taping hotkey can now be held down to continue taping multiple times.
  • Cleaned up some art/texture files for faster loading and performance.
  • Super Jump Roll animation improved so subsequent rolls can be timed more perfectly when you visually see the animal's feet landing.
  • If a Super Animal dies to the Super Skunk Gas within 3s of being damaged by another Super Animal, that Super Animal will get kill credit.
  • Initial game load speed increased (the hamster ball animation won't be smooth anymore, but the load is now significantly faster).

Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed a bug where the Gun dart grey-resources.assets-5316 Poison Dart Gun wouldn't kill poisoned targets.
  • Fixed a bug where healing and taping could be done while entering a hamster ball.
  • Translation fixes.
  • Two Toed Sloth icon fixed.

References[ | ]