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Alebrijes update
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Release date 31 October, 2019 [1]
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Features[ | ]

Changes[ | ]

  • Bots still drop a single candy corn piece in Duos & Squads, but now drop 3 in Solos.
  • Players now drop 3 candy corn in Duos & Squads, and 5 (a bowl) in Solos.
  • The last kill of the game is worth 5 candy corn in all three modes, and is granted automatically without needing to pick it up.

Shooting Updates[ | ]

  • New system for bullet spread
  • Most guns have first shot accuracy, especially when standing still
  • The more you shoot, the bigger the spread (with a rate and maximum based on the gun type)
  • The spread will shrink back down after 0.2s of not shooting
  • Rolling and creep rolling will cause a temporary widening of spread.
  • Standing still or creeping will reset the spread quicker than running.
  • New indicators have been added near the scursor to highlight the current weapon spread. They will also fade out as you aim further away, indicating the lessening of effectiveness for that gun as the range gets further.
  • Weapon rarity will no longer affect recoil, making each gun more consistent and easy to learn.

Gun Specific Adjustments[ | ]

  • Poison Dart Gun's projectile speed increased (for both uncommon and rare versions))
  • Poison Dart Gun's poison damage reduced from 12 to 9 (per tick) but it can now fully eliminate your target. If you're poisoned, be quick with using helath items to avoid dying!
  • Sniper bullet speed reduced by about 4%. this brings it a bit closer to the rifles, while still being faster.
  • Sniper rarities changed visually to better match their power; common (grey) changed to rare (blue), uncommon (green) changed to epic (purple), and rare (blue) changed to legendary (gold). All stats remain the same aside from the aforementioned bullet speed.
  • Sniper world-spawn rate decreased slightly to match their increased rarities
  • Sniper lowered to 2 ticks of damage to Hamster Balls, so if the Hamster Ball is undamaged, it will take 2 shots to break it.
  • Shotgun pellets now spread out much more evenly.
  • Shotgun blasts no longer damage armour on a player if they were in a hamster ball (until the next shot)
  • Skunk Bomb now lasts for 5.4s instead of 4.2s (2 additional damage ticks)
  • Minigun now points more accurately at where you're aiming.

Game Improvements[ | ]

  • The winner(s) of a match will get 100 bonus experience, and top 5 in solos (top 3 in duo/ top 2 in squads) will get 50 bonus experience
  • Two Super Milestones added for the Super Shooting Gallery
  • Gas circle has been improved so that it will pick more parts of the map, while avoiding ocean and water bodies
  • The Giant Eagle will now be more random and varied in it's flight path directions
  • Many small map improvements to various spots across the island
  • Mole crates are now guaranteed to always drop at least one gun
  • Health Juice containers will leave the remainder on the ground if you reach maximum while picking one up.
  • Controller aimer will now be a bit further or closer depending on the weapon's effective range
  • Controller aimer fixed to match where you are aiming

Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed buttons on the item reward popup having overflowing text in certain translations
  • Fixed item auto-pickup causing players reviving to cancel
  • Fixed shadows glitching with some environment pieces
  • Vampire bat cosmetics placement/sixing fixed
  • Fix applied for the leveling up sound playing forever in some rare cases

References[ | ]