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Halloween update
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Release date 18 October, 2019 [1]
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Features[ | ]

Changes[ | ]

  • You can now change your Super Animal's direction while performing the Juggling Roulette Emote
  • Switched the on-hit effect of hedges to be leaves
  • Improved selection for controller on the main menu: previously when closing any pop-up, it would default back to the research lab button, but now it will remember the last selected button
  • Adjusted some collisions in the caves so they are more even

Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed a glitch on a cave wall where the character would clip through it
  • Fixed blank item text when first viewing of the Emotes tab in Customize
  • Fixed a bug where equipping melee items sometimes wouldn't show it in the main menu
  • fixed a bug where milestones and dailies would show as completed after a game was over
  • Translation fixes

Reference[ | ]