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Bobcatt lynx
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Release date 4 October, 2019 [1]
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Features[ | ]

  • Added Bobcatt and Lynx
  • Added Europe (and Latin American) localization with 5 new languages: German, Italian, French, Spanish (Spain) and Spanish (Latin America)

Changes[ | ]

  • Emote Wheel upgrades
  • Accessibility improvements for readability, including the Kill Feed now showing the weapon icons and a dark background, as well as drop shadows on white text, and a background for chat feed.
  • Mole crate will now always drop at least one weapon.
  • S.A.W. Research Labs region now has custom ambient sounds inside the buildings.
  • Players can turn off their gem from showing in the Steam and Discord parties. The toggle is accessible by clicking your level in the main menu.
  • Player name text is now bigger in Steam and Discord parties, and the 'Ready' text is a bit smaller. The player's gem has been decreased in size and placed besides the player's name.
  • The Gun skins tab in the Customize menu now uses icons for each gun.
  • Items that had their milestone requirements in the name will now show in the description instead.

Fixes[ | ]

  • Texture settings changes, which should lower memory usage and load times a bit.
  • The Gun skins tab languages that were overflowing the panel have been fixed.
  • Small optimizations to game code.
  • Fix for the ammo label glitching when toggling UI.
  • Fix for controller navigation on some items in the Customize menu
  • Fix for the Fennec's sleeves

References[ | ]