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Release date 20 September, 2019 [1]
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Features[ | ]

Changes[ | ]

  • Completing milestones or daily challenges will now display a notification on the left side of the screen in-game. You will still need to complete the match to get credit for the completion though.
  • The table of gems and levels can now be viewed by clicking on your profile in the main menu.
  • Your gem will show besides your name in parties.
  • Maximum FPS slider added in settings.
  • Added an option in Keybinds to disable mouse wheel from scrolling weapons.
  • Added keybinds formarking and unmarking the game map with your paw marker.
  • Community Guidelines are now accessible from the settings panel in the main menu (in addition to popping up the first time you play).
  • Super milestones menu button icon updated for clarity.
  • Main menu's top bar has been upgraded.
  • You can now carry up to 10 Bananas (from 5). Praise banan.
  • Slipping on a banana can be heard from about 15% further away.
  • The basic pistol's attack speed has been increased: minimum time between shots is now .14s (down from 0.16s).
  • Magnum and Deagle now use big bullets (instead of little bullets).
  • Items now drop more frequently when cutting grass.
  • In-game emote sounds will now play for yourself and up to one other person. Previously you'd only hear one emote sound at a time.
  • The (not a) rat in Superite Mountain now takes all types of damage from any gun (but you might want to think about which particular gun you use 😉).
  • Quantities for Eat Coconuts and Drink Health juice daily challenges have been slightly increased.

Fixes[ | ]

  • Applied a lot of optimizations to the game. Some players will experience up to 20% better performance.
  • Reduced the edge of vision buffer space to more perfectly align the vision of non-1080p players to the standard 1080p view (taller or wider resolotions see more environment but the fog of war cuts off vision beyond 1080p).
  • Fixed a bug where controller input was being picked up while SAR is in the background.
  • Fixed a bug with re-rolling daily challenges and emoting.
  • Fixed an issue where taping would cancel if another tape auto-looted under you.
  • Minor map change: Removed some breakable crates that were causing weird collision between two containers.
  • The Super Animal Farm sign now fades when Super Animals are behind it.
  • Sleeves fixed on Police Outfit.

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