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Version information
Release date 30 August, 2019[1]
Version chronology
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  • New weapon: Poison Dart Gun
  • 3 New Animals, with 20 total breeds.
  • New Level system- introducing prestiging!
  • New biome: Super Animal Farm
  • New Super Milestones and rewards
  • New animated loading screen upon game launch: Run, Super Fox, run!


  • Multiple small changes around the map outside of the new Super Animal Farm, including new billboards along the highways.
  • Reduced in-game memory usage by about 20% (optimizations to grass storage).
  • The rat (who is definitely not a rat) in Superite Mountain is no longer impervious to Skunk Gas.
  • Bat and Red Panda DNA/SS costs have been adjusted since their level has been changed relative to the old system.
  • Rebellion Helmet moved to level 100 'alrite' prestige.
  • Skunk Bombs now do damage faster, every 0.6s to match the new Poison Dart Gun.
  • Some additional minor performance improvements


  • Russian translation fixes


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