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Release date 12 August, 2019[1]
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  • New Gummy Bears!
  • Record holder for most baskets collected during Summer Royale 2019 goes to showsan with 10,000 baskets!


  • Super DNA Magnets are now capped at 99. Existing players with more than 99 will keep all of the magnets they have earned beyond 99 until they are used up.
  • The Sniper will now only spawn up to Uncommon (green) rarity in the world. Rare (blue) Snipers are now exclusive to the Delivery Mole crates.
  • Bots have been adjusted to prioritize attacking enemies over reviving teammates.
  • Bots will pick up tape if they run over it.
  • Minor adjustments to trees to the west of the S.A.W. Research Labs.
  • Streamer, Super CC and Super Animal Mods items in Customize now display the individual person or group they were made for.


  • The bug with the Discord lobbies sometimes failing to matchmake or ready up has been fixed.
  • Fixed some rocks behind a blossom tree.
  • Fixed a missing house patio in Super Saharaland.