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Squid up
Super Squids Update
Release date 2 August 2019[1]
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Features[ | ]

  • 22 New Super Animal Breeds
  • Bot overhaul — bots will spawn in teams of 2 in duos and teams of 4 in squads
  • Squads Official Permanent Launch!
  • Use code "Squid Up" for new Squid Hat
  • Fill / No Fill option added to Duo/Squad Mode
  • All of the mountains have been updated, with multiple new caves around the island to explore.
  • 11 new Moderator items added
  • 4 new Super Content Creator items for ShiaBun

Changes[ | ]

  • Map paw markers have been redesigned and enlarged for clarity
  • Bots can now be any researchable Animal and use any of the basic Umbrellas
  • Added more bot names
  • Adjusted certain Super Animal Breed tiers to make room for the new breeds (pricing and rarity adjustments)
  • Some animal names adjusted (ex. Labrador shortened to Lab)

Fixes[ | ]

  • Fix for situations where bots could get stuck
  • Silenced Pistol bullets now spawn a bit more inward
  • Fixed Rebellion Sword text in the kill feed
  • Russian translation fix

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