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Release date 4 June 2019
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  • Squad Test ends
  • Temporary guarantee of the deagle being in every mole crate for its debut is over (but you can still find them in mole crates)
  • AK has been removed from mole crates, as it has a fairly common world-spawn rate
  • The drops from a mole crate now spring out below it, so that they are not obscured by the crate
  • Hat sizes and positioning have been readjusted closer to the previous style
  • Updated the feathers that shoot out from the Deagle


  • Fix for emotes freezing for group mates in the menu
  • Fix for bullets sometimes going through hamster balls
  • Korean and Russian translation fixes
  • Fix for crash with Santa Hat and some animals
  • Fix for rare bug where lag would cause the player to be stuck parachuting
  • Fix for melee kills being recorded twice in Stats


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