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Luke stinkwalker
Luke Stinkwalker + Weekend Update
Release date 7 May 2019[1]
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Features[ | ]

  • Duos mode returned.
  • Six Icon Melee Melee Weapon Skins have been added to the drop table (arrived on May 4th).
Melee lightsaber white-resources.assets-260

Super White Light Sword

Melee lightsaber green-resources.assets-216

Super Green Light Sword

Melee lightsaber blue-resources.assets-3974

Super Blue Light Sword

Melee lightsaber purple-resources.assets-5106

Super Purple Light Sword

Melee lightsaber red-resources.assets-3543

Super Red Light Sword

Melee lightsaber orange-resources.assets-3457

Super Gold Light Sword

Changes[ | ]

  • Improved the Super Light Sword sound effects slightly.
  • Updated the cages in the Research Lab buildings to have more visible bars and shadows. The bars block bullets/vision, and the gaps between them do not.
  • The Bamboo and Beakeasy stage shows can now be triggered while waiting for the game to start in the lobby.
  • Adjusted some of the cover and crates in each of the three Research Lab buildings.
  • Skunk Bombs will now play the hit sound whenever they damage an enemy.
  • Improved background color of legendary items in the menu (thanks to Ashyfox in our Discord for the suggestion!).
  • Improved character tails warping while shooting.
  • Slightly increased player collisions on the Research Lab's SAW sign.
  • Lowered player collisions behind military tents.

Fixes[ | ]

  • Fix for grenades warping out of some unwalkable areas like the Bamboo Resort pond.
  • Fix for rare glitch of unbreakable crates/doors.
  • Fixed character clipping issue with a few tables in the Welcome Center.
  • Applied a fix for being stuck repairing armor forever.

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