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Super Milestone Update
Release date 2 March 2019[1]
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The v0.86.0 update introduced a new user interface (UI) for challenges and renamed them to Super Milestones.

Features[ | ]

  • New Milestones: Drinking health juice, using super tape, performing super jump rolls, and breaking enemy armor.
  • New Milestone Reward: Added a new milestone reward for collecting 5 mole crates.

Changes[ | ]

  • Minimap is slightly transparent now.
  • When landing inside a wall or object, the game will attempt to warp you out in the direction you were pushing.
  • Grenades now have a sound effect for when they hit the ground.
  • Equipped melee weapon skin will now be visible to teammates in the menu.
  • Military helmet removed from regular drop table as it is now a milestone reward (100 broken enemy armor)
  • Increased required number of mole crates opened for the shovel challenge reward from 15 to 20[verify]

Fixes[ | ]

  • Animals in the Customize screen are now in the same order as the Research Lab.
  • Fix for bots landing and getting stuck in closed houses.
  • Translation fixes.
  • Fix for a bug where level 30 players saw items pop up overtop of the end-game screen.
  • Fixed the hit effect animation not playing on targets who were dancing, rolling, or in a banana-stun.
  • Fix for destructible objects like crates not being destroyable in the lobby sometimes.

References[ | ]