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Release date 22 February 2019[1]
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The v0.85.8 update introduced 7 new animal breeds and numerous improvements to the UI related survival and team play (duos/squads). This update also kicks off the 2nd squads test weekend.

Features[ | ]

Changes[ | ]

  • UI changes
    • Teammate pins on the edge of the screen to indicate the direction of off-screen teammates in duos and squads.
    • New design for the Super Skunk Gas indicator, Delivery Mole arrival, and Circle of Life.
    • New design for player pins and markers
  • Poison gas is now Super Skunk Gas
  • Something weird is happening at the Bamboo Stage
  • Steam rich presence support for both menu and ingame.
  • Fading of trees/objects slower now (20s rather than 12.5s).
  • Reduced collision size on bamboo reeds.
  • Chaining Super Jump Rolls for the speed boost is now only possible with perfect timing on the button presses (doesn’t trigger if the players spam the button).
  • Added Super Tape as one of the Mole Crate drops.

Fixes[ | ]

  • Fix for the mole icon being incorrect sometimes.
  • Translation fixes.

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