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Happy Duos Day
Release date 14 February 2019[1]
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The v0.85.5 update marks the start of the Valentine's Day event called Super Duos Day 2019.


  • Added Rose melee weapon as a timed exclusive drop.
  • Added a pickup called Super Tape, allowing to repair armor.
  • Added weapon swap animations. Changing weapons now has a very short delay.
  • Added controller button re-binding.
  • Updated controller aiming to help with targeting. It's now a short line segment to help line up shots from the pivot point.
  • Obstacles will now slowly fade to reveal the animals that hide behind them.
  • Added a hotkey to switch to the previous weapon, by default set to T.


  • Fully damaged armor is no longer destroyed, allowing to repair it with Super Tape.
  • Default controller bindings were adjusted with the new Super Tape changes.
  • Super Animal World has been updated with shrines and an extension to the bamboo forest.
  • Road signs now fade.
  • Updated Health Juice interface icon.
  • Weapons now stack vertically on the game interface, rather than having a preset position.
  • It is now possible to attack during the last 0.1s of a roll animation.
  • The ending of roll animation has been improved.
  • First Delivery Mole of the match arrives a bit later.
  • Name tags now have a slight drop shadow and appear in different colors.


  • Fixed double damage occurring when the weapon muzzle was inside another animal's hitbox.
  • Fixed muzzle flash appearing outside of the standard vision zone.
  • Fixed an issue where swapping to melee weapon after shooting would cause an invisible melee attack.
  • Fixed a bug where the animal might not have been revived. Animal reviving code has been improved.
  • Translation fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed some of the crashes.
  • Fixed grenades and explosions not showing the hit effect on animals.


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