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Year of the Super Pig
Release date 1 February 2019[1]
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The v0.85.3 update marks the start of the Lunar New Year event called Year of the Super Pig.

Features[ | ]

  • Added Super Pig (with two special event breeds) and Super Boar (with two breeds)
  • Added Super Dog breed: Jindo Dog
  • Challenge Reward Items: Coconut Tee, Palm Shirt, Coconut Dress, Marshmallow Sticks, Sickle, Large Sickle, Scythe, Grenade Tee, Swag Glasses, Shovel, and Crowbar
  • Added Melee Weapon Skins: Backscratcher, Stick, Rebellion Sword, Wooden Plank, Wrench, and Claymore
  • Added languages: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Russian[verify]

Changes[ | ]

  • The Year of the Super Pig event has begun! Play matches to earn the Bamboo Stick, Tai Chi Sword, Lunar Black Hat, Lunar Red Hat, Lunar Shirt, Lunar Dress, Lunar Vest, and the Lunar Traditional Outfit.
  • Brand new bamboo biome featuring the S.A.W. Bamboo Resort.
  • Banana slips rewards now only count on enemies. The Banana Tee is achieved after 15 slips, and Banana Fancy Shirt after 50. (Note: some of these stats are newly tracked, and so will be starting from 0)
  • Stats screen has some design changes.
  • Hitboxes now tied to animation rather than a fixed size/position.
  • Added breakable doors to some buildings.
  • Many performance & efficiency improvements behind the scenes to reduce stutters and especially the on-death stutter.
  • Muzzle-glow now restricted to player view distance. Previously it was visible outside the normal vision range on certain resolutions.
  • New sounds for some of the melee weapons.
  • Snow bush has new animations.

Fixes[ | ]

  • Fix for end of a roll having a weird weapon muzzle position.
  • Fix for grenades/bananas getting stuck when thrown against objects.
  • Fix for some tents that had objects/grass appearing overtop of them.
  • Fix for grenades going through concrete walls.
  • Fix for bricks color around grass at the S.A.W. Welcome Center.
  • Collisions updated on the mossy boulders so they don't allow as much hiding.
  • Fix for mossy boulder blocking grenades too much.
  • Fix for teleporting to spawn when landing in some ocean space.

References[ | ]