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Super Content Update
Release date 18 January 2019[1]
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The v0.85.2 update introduced the Super Sheep, many new super animal breeds, and the objective system.

New Super Animal Breeds



  • Banana tee and ties removed from regular drop table as they are now challenge rewards


  • Fix for gas circles ending over ocean space.
  • Melee attacks no longer tied to animation. It is now a set area in front of your character. This fixes the issue of being unable to strike boxes below you if FPS was low.
  • Melee attacks now hit inanimate objects more predictably (used to require too precise of a hit).
  • Melee attacks can no longer break boxes through walls.
  • Chat is no longer canceled when the Eagle flight starts.
  • Fix for minigun windup lasting through hamster-ball and roll.
  • Fix for dancing and throwing a grenade at the same time causing the character to lock up.
  • Fix for being downed while grenade throwing causing controls to stop working upon revival.
  • Fix for rare bug where a demo user could have their level reset.
  • Pie of the Tiger billboard sign fades now.
  • Roll allowed again while Map is open.
  • S.A.W. Welcome Center area's ground saturation has been adjusted to make names and animals stand out more clearly.
  • Fix on Customize screen: when equipping something, the list would scroll/jump.