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Release date 27 December 2018[1]
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The v0.84.0 came with some map changes, bot behavior changes, fixes and new cosmetics.

Features[ | ]

New cosmetics[ | ]

  • Pirate hats and outfits (1 hat, 4 different colors of outfit, and an eye patch).
  • 3 round glasses.
  • Hats: Visors, devil horns and a propeller hat.
  • Green and blue shirts, katanas.

Map[ | ]

Main article: Super Animal World
  • The island now includes a new beaver construction zone, desert village.
  • Snow trees had their brightness reduced to help with seeing animals behind them.

Gameplay[ | ]

  • Gun-pistol grey Pistol base damage increased from 33 to 34, and movement speed bonus from 9% to 11%
  • The final three Super Skunk Gas circle warnings are shorter now if there are few players alive (dynamically adjusts based on number alive).
  • The first Super Skunk Gas circle warning will come slightly earlier in matches with fewer players.
  • Teammates who leave/disconnect will have their name and icon faded in the top right.
  • Dropped Icon Armor  Armor now appears damaged based on the amount of intact armor bars it has.
  • New button designs.
  • New victory fireworks.
  • First time launch "welcome" message that includes note about not teaming, and community rules.
  • Giant Eagle eject can now also be triggered by the jump-roll hotkey.
  • Can now start a reload during the last 0.1s of a jump-roll.
  • Customize screen now pre-scrolls to your newly equipped item if you hit the equip button after an item drops.

Bots[ | ]

Main article: Bots
  • Bots will melee attack if up close.
  • Bots will now collect health juice pickups.
  • Bots now ignore each other slightly more often.
  • Fixed bots stuttering from line-of-sight issues.
  • A few new bot names added.
  • Slightly improved bot pathfinding around some corners.
  • Fixed bots not correctly pursuing others.

Fixed issues[ | ]

  • Bullets from shorter range weapons like shotgun and pistol will now visually end at their max range (rather than the arbitrary maximum bullet range).
  • Bullets sometimes not hitting targets despite impacting.
  • Spamming chat messages rapidly will result in a small chat timeout.
  • Grenades and barrel explosions now destroy bananas.
  • Mole dropping 2 of the same gun.
  • Tents and haybales appearing under your weapon when standing beside them.
  • Clicking BACK during unlock sequence in the Research Lab causing the menu to get stuck.
  • Hit animation causing character's feet to freeze.
  • Shooting happening while typing if your shoot button was a keyboard key.
  • Number of animals unlocked counter being incorrect in some cases in the Research Lab
  • Picking stuff up allowed during grenade throw animation

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