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Release date 20 December 2018[1]
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The v0.83.0 update introduced many new super animal breeds, cosmetic items, and weapons with Epic rarity.

Features[ | ]

Changes[ | ]

  • Reloading can now be cancelled by rolling or changing weapons.
  • Increased movement speed during parachute so the players can fly further (10% faster)!
  • Epic rarity added for weapons (Pistol, Magnum, SMG, Silenced Pistol, M16, Minigun)
  • Uncommon & Rare items will appear a bit more frequent now as there is the new epic rarity.
  • Boosted the rarity colors for added visibility in all biomes.
  • All bullet speeds increased by about 6-8%.
  • Grenades and bananas in packs of 3+ will reflect that visually.
  • In-game music (eagle flight + end-game) is affected by music slider now rather than SFX slider.
  • Server lobbies are 180s now, up from 160s.

Fixes[ | ]

  • Fix for grenades not working if the players picked up another one while throwing.

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